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Summer Fun: How I Remember Lollapalooza

This past weekend I went to Chicago for work to do remote production at Lollapalooza.

I was in Chicago just four days ago but it could have been a month ago.

Right now my life seems to be moving along so fast that it’s kind of difficult for me properly examine what is going on around me. I am working on ways to remedy this without compromising my lifestyle – I like being involved with different groups, events and plans but I do sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed (like most people).

A new development – This Saturday I am going to be shooting at the All Points West Festival (Radiohead, The Roots, Chromeo, Animal Collective, Kings of Leon, etc.) and on Monday I am producing an interview/shooting Trace magazine founder and editor Claude Grunitzky and asking him questions about his book, ‘Transculturalism: How the World Is Coming Together’. With that and other things going on, I decided it was important for me to reflect a bit on the past week’s festival experience before I moved on to something else.

Downtown Chicago
Lollapalooza closure after the jump in five, four, three, two…