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On My Radar: The Magic That Is Mixcloud & Cloud Computing Thoughts

@bxwebb recently turned me on to I am probably the last person on earth to discover this cloudcast service/music community but I don’t care, it rules!


According to their FAQ, Mixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners more effectively. Mixcloud is re-thinking radio by joining the dots between radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. In short, it’s a home for radio presenters and DJs to share and promote their shows without having to use file sharing sites. Kind of like the YouTube of Radio. The unit of value for Mixcloud is the show rather than the song or the station.

Up until now, I had never heard of this term: Cloudcast

A Cloudcast is an extended audio show that is hosted in the “cloud”, in other words hosted somewhere centrally on the Internet rather than on your local hard-drive. Therefore, unlike Podcasts, Cloudcasts can be enjoyed via on-demand streaming without any waiting required. Because they’re stored in the cloud, there is a lot more interesting data to play with – who’s listening to what, where in the world they are, how long they listen for and so on. This allows Mixcloud to do a much better job recommending other Cloudcasts to users.

A lot of media companies that I know are moving to cloud storage and/or cloud computing. Microsoft Office event went into the cloud, despite a potentially devastating impact on it’s earnings (I blogged about Office Web Apps last year).

Here’s a great primer on all this cloud business.

Anyhoo, I’ve been rockin’ to this Mixcloud mix by HeavySoulBrotha all weekend:

A Different Thing!

See ya in the cloud, homies …

Back On My Radar:

I was all about when it launched in 2006 (evident in random AIM chat with BFF) but quickly lost interest, despite my original vow that this was going to be the final social networking site for me.

Since late ’07, I rarely visit the site more than once a month BUT today discovered a reason to use my account again (well, in some capacity).

I don’t know when they added this feature but I recently came across this this and my interest has been renewed:

Based on your listening history, a customized free mp3 podcast feed is generated just for you. Free tracks from recommended bands are automatically downloaded to your itunes.  Depending on the kind of music that is suggested to me and ends up in my ears, I may spend more time following these bands and will probably use to do so, just so that there is more diversity in my free downloads.

When I get around to getting a phone that supports their mobile scrobler app I’ll probably use it even more. As far as the site goes, I don’t find it that easy to locate playlists on and mostly use imeem and seeqpod to find interesting new music curated by users or editors into playlists.

(More geeky ramblings + a cool “I’m Broke” playlist for you after the jump)