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How-To: Use To Spy On Your Cat With Your BlackBerry Storm

Want to turn your Blackberry Storm into a mobile security camera for your home?

All you need is your phone, a PC with a webcam in your home/apartment and an account.

Step 1.
Set up an Orb account on your home PC (won’t work with a Mac right now, but see notes below)

Step 2.
Connect your webcam to your Orb account

Step 3. Visit through your blackberry storm browser and elect to view the webcam. Your bberry is now a mobile security camera, on-demand!

Step 4.
Get the proof you need that your cat is eating your jewelry (like mine) when you aren’t home

Pout not, fellow mac users. Orb Networks is working on a version for macs.

You can use their beta version but it currently won’t let you livestream your mac webcam to your bberry, which sort of defeats the purpose of installing it if that was your goal.

I am curious if the livestreaming webcam capability works on other smartphones. If you decide to do this, let me know how it goes.