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Tag : negativity

You need haters — but keep your distance from them

Katt Williams’ “Haters” bit always cracks me up while reminding me that the presence of haters in your life is an opportunity to grow.

Yup, haters gonna hate. However, sometimes it’s much easier to ignore haters in your life who you already don’t like. But what if the hater in your life is someone you can’t easily avoid — like a romantic partner, your boss, or a family member? That’s when things get tricky.

When people bring negative energy into your life through their thoughts and deeds, knowing when to draw the line is really important to thriving. It’s up to you to decide when enough is enough. If it seems like it’s easier just to keep a hater in your life than to deal with them and discuss the issues, that’s just an illusion.

Ultimately, you are worse off putting up with their B.S. because every second that you spend making excuses for them and taking their verbal/emotional blows is a wasted second you could have used towards fulfilling your dreams.

I promise you: The moment you stop giving a hater in your life permission to weigh you down, new opportunities will immediately open up. It’s just like magic. Much like this amazing GIF:

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