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On My Radar: Janelle Monae & Many Moons

Janelle Monae’s first music video, “Many Moons”, debuted this past Friday at 6pm on BET’s 106 & Park. It features an android auction, fashion show, her signature space girl moves complete with a little moon walk action. Dazzling!

Her official website JANELLEMONAE.COM has a behind the scenes clip taken from the video shoot.

For the past few months, Janelle Monae and her Wondaland Artists team have been promoting the music video as a short film, which I think could be a savvy way of preparing her fans for a feature film based on Cyndi Mayweather’s adventures. This is only speculation on my part but I don’t think I am alone in hoping that there is a film created based on the Metropolis album.

I am looking forward to early 2009 when the Metropolis suites are all available as one album, but at $5 bucks a pop (online) I have no problem with buying each suite as it rolls out. Time will tell if her release model is successful, but if it is it may change the way that artists distribute music from now on.

I spoke with Janelle Monae at this year’s Afro-Punk Festival and was able to see first hand the way she connects with her audience. Ms. Monae is a true talent and I am looking forward to seeing her future projects unfold, such as her comic!