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On My Radar: TweetStock

There is buzz in the Twitterverse about TweetStock.


Described as a “21st century Woodstock for the digital age,” the festival will be (according to founder @jayelectronica) “a free event for people the world over to connect as humans, encouraging through art, the open exchange of thoughts and ideas.”

Event organizers are pinging Twitter for lineup suggestions as well as looking for city leaders to help mobilize the movement.

Those interested in being a city leader for #TweetStock should contact:

Jay Electronica, an unconventional rapper and producer known for his ties to The Roots, Nas and other heavy hitters (as well as tweeting the birth of his child with Erykah Badu) is an active user who’s history reads like a motivational diary.

You can follow the conversation around TweetStock by following @TweetStock, hashtag group #TweetStock, Retweetist’s TweetStock search and TweetStock founder @jayelectronica.

I am looking forward to watching official lineup, location and date info unfold!

TweetStock would not be the first festival to be organized through Twitter, but it is still exciting to think about thousands of folks meeting up in a place like the Grand Canyon after collectively deciding the lineup.

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