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My new pal Kate Wadkins recently sent this email blast. My work schedule has been pretty crazy these days so I’m just going to post the entire thing without any snappy editorial flourishes (so sawy):

Myself [Kate Wadkins] and Stacy Konkiel of Soul Ponies have launched a call for submissions for INTERNATIONAL GIRL GANG UNDERGROUND (which may sound familiar to you) – a compilation zine to pick up where riot grrrl left off. I can’t really express how excited I am about it, and to be working with Stacy.

We launched in concurrence with the Sarah Lawrence College 12th Annual Women’s History Conference, The Message is in the Music: Hip Hop Feminism, Riot Grrrl, Latina Music & More. News about the zine is already traversing the airwaves, the BUST Magazine blog even picked it up.

I have one thing to ask of you: PLEASE, SUBMIT!

I am surrounded by amazing people that make music and participate in feminist cultural production – that play in bands, write zines, make art, and live life in a do-it-yourself feminist context. We want to hear from you! Stacy and I have talked a lot about how we want to encourage a multitude of voices in this project, and in particular want to encourage POC voices and trans/queer/genderqueer/ally folks – including transguys and cisguys, to submit their work. The due date is May 31st at 11:59 PST.

Here’s the call for submissions:

THE INTERNATIONAL GIRL GANG UNDERGROUND compilation zine aims to document and dissect how Riot Grrrl’s legacy has manifested twenty years later, as well as provide guidance for those who want to transform “revolution girl style now!” into “REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE FOREVER!”

If Riot Grrrl doesn’t resonate with you or your cause, that’s okay! We also want to know about all the do-it-yourself, grassroots music movements currently being run by women/girls/trans/genderqueer/queer folks today.

We want your submissions! Talking points include, but are not limited to:

What would a modern-day “Riot Grrrl manifesta” look like?
The successes and failures of Riot Grrrl and what we’ve learned from them
Your experience as an immigrant grrrl, genderf**king boy, revolutionary pornographer, Muslimah punk, working class queer, etc

What was your experience as a Riot Grrrl in the ’90s?
What’s going on in your community that supports feminist & queer DIY musicians today?
Scene reports from regional DIY music scenes that traditionally are lady- and queer-friendly (London, Berlin, NYC, or your town)
Individuals who are making a difference–musicians, activists, writers, whomever!
“Where are they now?” (Riot Grrrl edition)

“Get off the Internet and meet in the street”
Reclaim feminism for the 4th wave
Organize conferences, protests, benefits, etc
Combat the “dude-first” mentality of your music scene
Use new technologies to organize effectively
Start a band/go on tour/create a zine/etc
Create spaces for working class, POC, international and rural women and queers

We’re creating a directory for the International Girl Gang Underground–send along info on your project to be included!

Print, digital, audio, video, whatever–so long as it’s in an easily rendered format for a black & white zine or can be included on an accompanying CD-R for distribution, we want it!
Visit the GUIDELINES page on our website for more info. Please feel free to spread the word via your own blogs, newsletters, social networking, et cetera; you could even forward this e-mail if you like. It would be a great help!

Yours in the Girl Gang Underground,

Kate Wadkins

P.S. ALL AGES strongly encouraged. Willie Mae Rock Camp folks, please pass this on to your lists and encourage any of the young rocker-grrrls to submit!