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Stuff I Love: Funny Or Die Makes Fun Of ‘Mumblecore’

Ah, mumblecore filmmakers. Why do critics insist on grouping together your particular style of film making, giving it a name and then complaining that it won’t go away (low budget, 20-something, angsty ensemble films)? Labels suck, right?

Luckily, Funny Or Die’s parody of SXSW films that fall within the genre does not:

My first “mumblecore” movie experience was at IFC, where I saw Hannah Takes The Stairs.

Even though I actually enjoyed watching “Hannah Takes The Stairs,” I can appreciate the spot on way that FOD pwns the mumblecore style.

I haven’t seen Medicine For Melancholy yet, but I am hoping that I can watch it without thinking the word “mumblecore” in my head because I think that would a disservice to director Barry Jenkins.

My first feature will likely be low budget too and I want it to be seen for what it is, not immediately grouped in some hipster category. John Cassavetes could have been considered “mumblecore”, thank goodness no one thought of the word at that time.

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