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Summer Fun: Pussycat Dolls @ Fashion Rocks Pre-Party *Videos*

Fashion Week has (like every year) been taking place literally blocks from my work but this year my awareness of it is driving me absolutely nuts.

The nuttiness coincides with my increasing obsession with fashion and my refusing to accept that I don’t have enough money to fully realize my fashionista dreams. Oh well. There are always the parties.

I went to the Fashion Rocks Pre-Party last week (my first time attending) solely to be able to see the Pussycat Dolls perform live. They are my guilty pleasure and this is something I am no longer interested in hiding, much like my love for Star Trek.

Sure, the group isn’t curing cancer or world hunger with their music but those ladies sure know how to put on a good show. They are amazing dancers and Nicole Scherzinger can blow! Seeing them live sealed the deal on my partial devotion which is now officially 100%. Hey, if you can love Gossip Girl, I can love the Pussycat Dolls.

I managed to scoot myself past several Gucci clad skeletons and made it to the front of the stage where I shamelessly shot videos with my tiny camera.

My favorite part of the show was in the beginning when Nicole dedicated the show to “all the ladies in the audience” and a bunch of gay boys made a stink about it. She comforted them a bit but made it clear that, yeah, it was for the ladies. ^_^ The boys proceeded to sing along with every song which made my night that much more enjoyable.

Watch the show and relive the glory of my night of free music and fancy pink drinks after the jump! wOOHOO!