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On My Radar: “Design Outside the Box” Presentation, Gaming In The “Real World” & Remix Culture

My colleague Stephen Totilo, Deputy Editor at Kotaku, recently tweeted this interesting info:

Stephen Totilo on Twitter

Stephen Totilo on Twitter

Touted on many gaming blogs as a must-watch about the future of gaming — and the future of life, Carnegie Mellon assistant professor of entertainment and technology Jesse Schell‘s presentation at DICE Summit is full of win.

Totilo previously noted in his post that Schell explained (among other things) where games are heading, beyond consoles and Facebook’s FarmVille.

Schell argued that the leading trend is games “busting through reality,” denying the old notion that gaming’s best attraction is fantasy. Games that have you connecting with people in the real world, outscoring your friends have an undeniable lure.

The Kotaku post on the “Design Outside the Box” Presentation advises you to find an intriguing point at the 20-minute mark.

All of Schell’s thoughts on point systems for everything in your life made me think of this terrifying/awesome book series I read as a kid:

Spirit Flyer Series

In the Spirit Flyer Series, everyone in Centerville (except for outsiders called “Rank Blanks”) live by a point system. The mystery behind who operates the point system is scary and can be interpreted as commentary on the effects of rampant consumerism.

Schell’s presentation also made me think of DJ Spooky’s incredible presentation on “Remix Culture.”

DJ Spooky aka Paul Miller spoke at UNC Chapel Hill in 2008 as a participant of the “Information In Life” Digital Video Series, where he discussed media in culture. Miller demonstrated the unexpected side effects of free speech, law, and copyright while showing the power of remixed art.

Remix culture and gaming definitely intersect and influence each other. From graffiti writers incorporating gaming iconography into their pieces to video games featuring pieces by legendary writers, the spectrum of influence is undeniable.