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Summer Travels & Musings: Family Reunion 2008

I have been offline for a while (not counting tweets) because I went to my first family reunion in Denver, Colorado.

Along with my mother, brother and my mother’s sister (Auntie Ginger), I also spent time with my stepfather Larry Rose and my stepsister Wayane. We all shared a townhouse in downtown Denver during our stay in Colorado. Larry and Wayane were able to meet my mother’s extended family for the first time, something that I could relate to.

Larry is Jewish and Wayane is Indonesian/Dutch/Jewish so our childhood was always filled with a hodgepodge of traditions and exceptions.

My mother, Carolina Castillo Rose, was born in a primarily Mexican migrant mining town near Denver, Colorado. Her mother’s maiden name was Castillo, but this reunion came through her father (my grandfather) so I met a lot of family named Montez. I didn’t know I had so many relatives (or relatives named Montez).Up until now, I have always been more familiar with my father’s side of the family, bound by the restrictions of geography.

I was born in California, where most of my father’s family has been for generations. The Capistrano clan are (for the most part) much darker and more Native American/Chicano in appearance, while my mother’s side is more fair-skinned. They are both Mexicanos but as (most) people know, Latinos come in all colors. It was interesting to be around family members who look like my mother and who’s facial expressions at times reminded me of my brother, and even of myself.