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Summer Fun: Dances of Vice II

Dances of Vice II

This weekend I am shooting at the Dances of Vice II festival, a three-day costume party that should be good times for Victorian/Steampunk fans. I am not particularly into this kind of scene, but I do like checking out interesting fashion and I am psyched about shooting Voltaire‘s performance and interview.

…This event reminds me of that film (can’t remember the name and it’s driving me crazy) about the young man who is a tenacious reporter in like the 80’s or 90’s, but dresses and behaves like he’s from the 20’s. He gets into all these funny situations and relates to everyone as if they are in his time period. His girlfriend gets fed up and breaks up with him because he is such an extreme & old fashioned gentlemen that he won’t even kiss her.

Oh God, not being able to remember the name of this film is going to drive. me. nuts. Someone, help!