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Summer Fun @ Coney Island

Today I took my little sister to see the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

I used to think that I didn’t have the ability to help anyone else. I was all over the place and truly believed (probably as most 20somethings do) that I was too much of a basket case to make a difference in anyone’s life. Oh yes, and I was also very busy.

I chose to be a mentor because I felt that I wanted to do something positive in the world that I could measure beyond writing a check or sending letters. Plus, I couldn’t afford to send checks anywhere and I hate writing letters. Mentoring has turned out to be probably more helpful for me than it has been for her, but in any case we have a lot of fun together and sometimes it surprises me that we have been at this since 2006. The time just flies.

I honestly have no idea how I am really helping this girl. How does going to the movies, taking walks and watching mermaid parades help anyone?

All I know is that I care for her very much and appreciate being in her life.