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Women’s History Month 2012: ’31 ladies who rock’ countdown! and why AM is amazing

I’m carrying over my spotlight on rad creative ladies in my life into Women’s History Month, which kicks off today!

With dangerous bills out there and oppressive sentiment from right wing radicals saturating the media, I am happy to take the next 30 days to spotlight women in my life who are living their dreams and helping others in the process. Here we go:

AM working on her mural on a rooftop in Paris (2010). Photo by Daniela Capistrano

AM working on a rooftop in Paris at the historical Marche Malik (2010). Photo by Daniela Capistrano

Who Is She?
AM on the streets, Alice Mizrachi when she’s in curator/social entrepreneur/educator/community organizer mode.

A globetrotter, but she was born and raised in Queens.

Known for
Incredible murals that incorporate representations of female empowerment and social commentary
– Co-founding Younity in 2007, a global community of women artists who organize shows and events, all while teaching the next generation what goes into the process and how to successfully spread artistic ideas
– Her commissioned work for clients and brands that is informed by her social justice goals, such as her latest collaboration with the CHEVY SONIC Urban Art Project:

I met AM in late 2008, while doing research for a story I was producing for MTV News. I went to a Younity show in Greenpoint (where I finally met graffiti legend and activist Lady Pink!) and was impressed with AM’s professionalism, style and welcoming attitude.

AM and I stayed in touch and in 2010 we decided to create our own artist residency in Paris.

AM's first wheatpaste mission in Paris (2010). Photo by Daniela Capistrano

AM's printmaking workshop with Paris youth at MCV (2010). Photo by Daniela Capistrano

We spent a month living and working together, where I documented Alice’s street art projects and youth workshops on our travel blog Grrrl, We In Paris. Here’s a video I made of our time researching artist squats:

It was an incredible experience (that I am STILL processing) to share physical space with a working artist and to get a fly-on-the-wall look into their creative process from all angles.

Why AM rocks
“Let’s do it.” This is what AM said to me about an hour into our first sit down dinner at a french restaurant in the Lower East Side of New York City. She challenged me to join her in creating our own artist residency in Paris, where we would live and work together — even though she hadn’t seen me in over a year and most of our communication had been through email. That’s her style — she’s bold, creative and isn’t afraid to take risks that further her education and career — like climbing up buildings 😉 She’s living her dreams.

AM adds additional touches to "The Misunderstood Goddess" (2010).
Photo by Daniela Capistrano

I am rarely intimidated by anyone, but after reviewing AM’s work history and learning more about her rep, I was definitely intimidated and it’s part of why I stayed away from her through 2009. But that was stupid. AM has never been anything but 100% supportive of my goals from the moment she’s entered my life and I know I can always reach out to her if I need anything.

I’m inspired pretty much on a daily basis by this woman. Through documenting her experience in Paris, I was forced out of my comfort zones. I faced my fear of heights to climb up on a rooftop with her. I re-evaluated how I defined art as I chased after her on wheatpaste missions. AM is as comfortable doing street art as she is showing in galleries and working with youth as an arts educator. The more she explained her outlook on life to me, the more confidence I felt about creating my own opportunities. She is always giving vocal support to other female artists and is a genuine, down-to-earth and loving person. She’s also a great cook!

AM recently moved into a bigger studio and has several exciting projects unfolding this year. She’s evidence to me that if you put your mind to something and create opportunities for yourself, you can achieve amazing things. Cheers to AM!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of her art (she has affordable options) or commissioning her for a project, contact her at

Here are some photos from our residency. These photos span right before we left for the airport to the end of our time in Paris:

Press: AM & DCAP on

Graffiti/street art/lifestyle/community portal recently did an interview with AM on our residency in Paris. They included photos from my Paris series and some of my videos. I love the way my photo looks on their homepage so wanted to capture it for my memories:

Fatcap interview with AM and DCAP

Excerpt from AM’s interiew:

Are there any current projects you are working on, and what should we look for next from you?

Well Paris is the first stop for this film, we are planning on going to Argentinaand South Africa. I am also working on a new series of cityscapes inspired by my travels when I return to NY. I have a solo show coming up in Philly this winter and I will be painting at Art Basel in Miami. YOUNITY also has another exhibition coming up next fall.

I like that my photo on their homepage is an example of the diverse talents that people with a graffiti/street art background often have. When I wasn’t documenting AM wheatpasting, catching tags, or doing pieces, there were plenty of moments like these where she was in her studio immersed in printmaking or other mediums.

No “street artist” is the same. Some show their work in galleries, others keep it on trains and tunnels. Many graffiti writers these days have art degrees, while others barely finished High School. Some stencil and tag but still decline the “writer” or “street artist” label. Despite each unique circumstance, the love for art and a desire to express themselves is what ultimately ties street artists together.

I can’t wait to document more female graffiti artists like AM in my remaining days in NYC and when I am in CA for three months. You can find more updates on my progress on