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Weekend Movie Review: La Vie En Rose

I saw the biopic La Vie En Rose yesterday at the Chelsea Clearview Cinema. I went with The Barnes who (as I’ve mentioned before) is always turning me on to interesting things to do and see. I was missing Paris and I love Edith Piaf so this was how I ended up abandoning dancing around

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Inside Joost: 10.2

If you commented on my last Joost posting, I sent you an invite thanks to Joost for Friends. 10.2 Notes Since my last update, a lot more channels and features have been added. Up until now, I wasn’t very impressed but while scrolling through a wide range of interest specific channel offerings, I began to

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Free tickets for New York City Ballet this weekend!

– via Duncan’s Shakespeare I loved this remake, and I have always wanted to see this timeless story played out on stage, with dancing. Via BookOfJoe: Here’s today’s Times item in its entirety. Free ‘Romeo’ at City Ballet New York City Ballet has announced that it is offering free tickets to a final dress rehearsal

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