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Inside Joost: 10.2

If you commented on my last Joost posting, I sent you an invite thanks to Joost for Friends.

10.2 Notes

Since my last update, a lot more channels and features have been added. Up until now, I wasn’t very impressed but while scrolling through a wide range of interest specific channel offerings, I began to see tangible proof of a future where “prime time” would be an archaic term, and niche interest communities being the bread and butter for future producers.

Cool Channels

* Fueled By Ramen: Top Selling Artists – Several major labels already have channels in Joost, and I found it interesting (but not surprising) that indie label Fueled By Ramen (a smaller company but parent to big acts such as Panic! At The Disco) had decided to join the flock. They are one example of many indie companies circumventing Big Media to promote their talent.

The EPK is no longer just a tool to perk the interest of music video channels. Why wait for them when you could potentially reach millions of future fans via p2p video streaming applications like Joost? Vpod and Kyte TV are also developing solutions for reaching a global audience in real time, high quality video.

I think that the future format and content of EPKs in general should be designed with the idea that if I look up any band’s name in a p2p app or search engine, I should be given a lot of content options, no matter how “big” the band happens to be at that particular time. The more content a band can provide, offered strategically and creatively, the better chance they have of building a loyal fan base.

* Horror Channel – Whoa! All horror, all the time? Did somebody read my mind? Description: The Horror Channel is the first 24/7 multi-platform programming network in the US to be dedicated to the horror genre.

Before you can access it, you have to indicate that you are over 18. Woohoo! Check out their partners who will be involved in creating original programming for the network:

  George Romero – Director, Screenwriter, Actor
  Wes Craven – Director, Screenwriter, Producer
  John Carpenter – Director, Screenwriter, Composer
  Roger Corman – Producer, Director
  Don Coscarelli – Director, Writer, Producer
  Guillermo del Toro – Director
  John Esposito – Screenwriter, Producer
  Mick Garris – Director
  Stuart Gordon – Director, Screenwriter
  Sid Haig – Producer, Actor
  Gunnar Hansen – Actor
  Tobe Hooper – Director
  Lloyd Kaufman – Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor
  Alfredo Leone – Producer, Writer, Director, Inventor
  Philippe Mora – Director
  Lucky McKee – Director
  Tom Monteleone – Author
  Greg Nicotero – Special Effects Artist (KNB), Actor
  Robert Parigi – Writer, Director
  Mark Pavia – Writer, Director
  Eli Roth – Director
  David J. Skal – Horror Historian, Author
  F. Paul Wilson – Author
  Rob Zombie – Musician, Director

I’m going to have a friggin’ heart attack!

* The Recipe Channel – I will probably not use this. But I thought this was a useful, practical, and cute example of how niche interests will change the way video content is developed and distributed. Imagine people who actually enjoy cooking, watching The Recipe Channel through Joost along with millions of other viewers with the option to chat, share recipes, all in real time.

* Nichelodeon: Ren & Stimpy – All Ren & Stimpy, all the time. Viacom is offering a lot of channel options such as this within Joost, and I am interested to see how else they will leverage existing fan bases to build communities around them.


~ When I logged in to version 10.2, I was asked for my full name and birth date. I wonder how this information drives search results and channel suggestions.

~ “Staff Picks” and “Most Popular” are more prominently displayed in the channel catalog. Some interesting info: LX TV is currently one of the most popular channels within Joost. Hm! I think it’s a totally boring show but hey – apparently a lot of people are into lifestyle “what’s hot to check out in this city” programming. Good for them!

Lair Wrap Up

I am now officially excited. Joost is still buggy (new version crashed on me several times this morning) but it’s offerings seem to grow more robust with every iteration, thanks to partnerships with Big Media and independent production companies providing a lot of cool content. Joost will certainly have competitors raising the stakes, and the end result for individuals will ideally be an amazing product (Joost or not) that allows them to watch what they want, when they want, with whoever they want, on whatever they want.

I am curious to see how Joost is going to work with mobile devices and recorded live events. There are so many interesting applications for Joost beyond infotainment..

Imagine a complicated/historical surgical procedure being done in one part of the world, while med students from any country were able to login to a secured Joost channel to participate in a moderated overview of the process – chatting in real time while watching the procedure on their tvs, in classrooms, on their mobile device, etc. etc. etc. Ideas would be shared, breakthroughs would be made, and possibly future lives would be saved. Wow.


  • The Haig Group, Inc.

    Mr. Sid Haig is not involved with the Horror Channel at all. His name was to be taken off of the site over a year ago when he never received any of the contracts that were to be furnished by the Horror Channel. The Horror Channel was told not to use Mr. Haig’s likeness or name in any promotions, as there is no paperwork in place allowing them to do so. Continued use by the Horror Channel or Joost of Mr. Haig’s name and likeness will be met with litigation.
    Thank you.

  • danielacapistrano

    Thanks for the info. I am not affiliated with the Horror Channel or Joost. But I appreciate your comment because it offers some insight not otherwise known to those interested in both.

    ~ Daniela

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