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Daniela Capistrano’s Artist Residency At The Ace Hotel In 2015

I’m doing a one night residency at the Ace Hotel New York as part of their ‪#‎24BY36‬ series the night of January 30, 2015. I will be making art zines that tell my story/experiences as the founder of POC Zine Project. This will be the first time I’ve ever participated in a publicly promoted event where my public face alone represents the POC Zine Project.

Daniela Capistrano, Ace HotelEver since I founded POCZP in 2010, I’ve always made an effort to not be “the face” of the work. The project was never about promoting myself – it started as a way to share and curate information about zinesters of color. I was always very uncomfortable with being the literal face of POCZP (I talk about why in an interview here) and would avoid interviews and public appearances that intended to center me as a spokesperson. I would pass on opportunities to other POC or include them in opportunities so I wasn’t the only person standing in front of a crowd functioning as a “representative” of POC zinesters (there isn’t one person who can represent all people of color).

After five years of resisting my face/identity being the representation of POCZP, I’m no longer afraid of anyone’s potential misunderstandings or assumptions. I’m taking opportunities tied to POC Zine Project’s work that support my own self-care process and my creative goals. I’m now OK with being the literal face of POC Zine Project in strategic ways that support the sustainability of the project and contribute to my own healing process.

The residency at the Ace Hotel New York is an opportunity for me to give 100 percent of my time and energy for one night into creating zines that help me to reflect on the past four years of running POCZP. I will be sharing these zines in print and online later this year and I look forward to all feedback. The Ace Hotel New York will also be adding the zines to their permanent collection of art.

My upcoming residency at the Ace Hotel New York isn’t my first artist residency. In 2010, I co-organized a 30 day artist residency in Paris with AM, a friend and collaborator. This residency in 2015 will be my first solo residency and I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m capable of creating in one night.



We’ve been working on ways to remain sustainable in the long term while individually practicing self-care. In the meantime, you can support the cause by sending us a gift of any amount. All funds go to ongoing advocacy costs, the Legacy Series and the poverty zine series. If everyone in our community gave $10, we would more than meet our fundraising goals for 2015.

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  • Mira

    I found you through Mindee. I’m Canadian who has been lviing in the US for 11 years now (and will probably never leave because my husband is from here). I find myself missing Canada, especially when it comes to health care. But actually I kinda wish I could get the best of both worlds, because free shipping is amazing in the US


    Marcia:That is exactly what I needed this morning. Just looking through all the ads in last Sunday’s paper brought on anxiety. I so need to remember that in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, Christ is calling me to “SIT STILL” before HIM. Seems like an easy choice to make … just need to realize it is a “choice”.

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