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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-09-11

  • I love these “@webjournalist: Track how The xx's new album goes viral starting with one fan: #coexist € #
  • I would rather lose all 2k+ of my followers than not share my perspective on current issues. I’m not here to win a popularity contest 🙂 #
  • Jay-Z is not untouchable. Neither is #ows But Jay-Z’s not the mayor of NYC or sicking his army on POC. Let’s protest that some more, yeah? #
  • Google it 🙂 “@ShaunaReporter: @lyneka @dcap srry to crash this tweet. People are wanting to boycott Jay Z because of his #OWS comments?” #
  • Again, I’m not defending Jay-Z. I’m questioning the effectiveness of further dividing #ows supporters over petty comments thru a protest. #
  • U & many others I’m sure. “@lyneka: @dcap But, then again, I have a host of issues with Jay-Z that go well beyond his comments about #OWS ” #
  • I agree. However, that’s not always the case. “@lyneka: @dcap I think people have the capability to multitask when it comes to activism.” #
  • Again, I’ve lost some followers for speaking my mind and that is fine. I didn’t join Twitter to preach to the choir. Discourse is useful. #
  • 2/2 Jay-Z was speaking on real issues affecting the 99% for years. He’s not an idiot. Protesting his request for clarity=waste of time, IMHO #
  • I am in no way defending Jay-Z 4 speaking 2 the press b4 he took an hour to self educate on #ows but I won’t support a boycott. 1/2 #
  • Often slacktivism takes the form of boycotting celebrities for the dumb things they say. It’s easier 2 do that then actually work 1:1 w ppl. #
  • Here’s my POV: instead of boycotting Jay-Z, which won’t change anything, I’m going to cont. to serve those in need thru direct action. #
  • That’s your right. “@lyneka: @dcap I support boycotting Jay-Z and I’m not a member of #OWS and I”m definitely a person of color.” #
  • 4/4 it’s counterproductive & privileged tactics like protesting Jay-Z that discredit the #ows movement & alienate POC, IMHO. #
  • 3/4 however #ows protesting Jay-Z is such a useless act of privilege out of touch w real needs that I am face palming x 100. #
  • 2/2 I think Jay-Z’s questions are valid but he cd have answered them himself by doing a little research. cont 3/4 #
  • The complicated part about #ows but also the liberating part, is there isn’t one message. That’s hard for black/white thinkers to grasp 1/2 #
  • .@jaysonrodriguez Protesting Jay-Z doesn’t make any sense-waste of time. I’m not happy w his comments or how #ows is responding. Face palm. in reply to jaysonrodriguez #
  • My gf @corvida looks great in them 🙂 “@SusanFogarty Google Glass looks dorky even on supermodels” #
  • <3 thank you “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap ok, let me know if you need advice” #
  • Nope! Never been “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap have you been before? Its my fav city. I go all the time” #
  • .@JenniferAnise You were in Wisconsin? Hai in reply to JenniferAnise #
  • I suddenly just became so hungry at the airport that my stomach feels like a bucket of piranhas. #
  • cool “@laureltouby: Looking for seed capital? Try the 2013 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition.
    Details at” #
  • *pancakes cheers* “@theChrisDavila: @dcap Pancakes were delish! Happy Sunday and here's to a productive week!” #
  • Thank YOU “@MhairiMcF: @sharnajackson @dcap thank you! x” #
  • I’ve been thinking about going to London in December to connect w POC & allies 4 @POCZineProject. If I can get funding/time off, I’ll do it. #
  • I know plenty of women of color who are incredible feminists in their words & deeds but refuse label of feminist & I don’t judge. I get it. #
  • Nevertheless, I refuse 2let handful of white women in denial re: privilege deny me my feminist identity. It’s mine & I draw strength from it #
  • Sometimes being a POC feminist feels like what I can only imagine it feels like to be a gay republican. Welcome/not welcome/never the same. #
  • At airport contemplating my feminist identity & how I work hard2not say “fuck it” & abandon it when white feminists go HAM w white privilege #

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