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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-09-08

  • My stepdad is showing off his smart TV to me. It's so smart it just solved the budget crisis while serving me infinite Parks & Recreation. #
  • lol “@JennyChurchill: Also, I don't want to make everyone jealous of my decadence, but that earthquake totally moved my air mattress.” #
  • Woo!! RT @G4C Congrats! Girls Who Code graduates their first class! #
  • VIDEO: Jump to 1:26 of this @jengranholm speech, it will send chills up yr spine: Let me know what you think, honestly #
  • actually, you do need sleep. it's really important. but i don't judge. your self care=yo biz. hope yr enjoying yr night/early day. #
  • this=4 all my vampires in nyc right now <3 #nowplaying Mary J. Blige – I'm Goin' Down we don't need no freakin' sleep #
  • totes! i'll be in nyc 9/11 – 9/24 (then on tour), let's work it out. i'll email ya. RT @savasavasava @dcap wanna get a drink sometime? 😉 #
  • .@mstobivail you shd get ideas from the Baltimore feminist reading group, google 'em. their events are rad. in reply to mstobivail #
  • All through my youth I envied the freedom that boys had to move in the world. That's why, today, I don't take shit from anyone. The end. #
  • At 14, I had to stay near my mom @ the lake because grown men wdnt leave me alone. I thought "womanhood blows" & tried not 2 get sunburned. #
  • NICE, another metalocalypse fan “@strategiclee: @dcap tonight we watch fanklok with Nathan's psycho girlfanfriend” #
  • @ 12, I was @ waterpark & boys kept trying 2 go down t slide wme & feel up my nonexistent chest. I understood it was their right of passage. #
  • When I was 9? I befriended a boy @ the lake. We swam all day 2gether & had a blast. When he realized I was a girl, he got mad & ditched me. #
  • Where was I? Oh yes. Irritating some of you w my gender assumptions tirade. 80% done. #
  • "I DO COCAINE!!" – Dr Rockso, rocknroll clown “@strategiclee: Excellent. Just introduced another one to @dethklok.” #
  • I know plenty of "girly girls" who get zero play rockin' that steez & androgynous hotties who get all the cis menz. Gender roles=boring. #
  • So this & other reasons R why I think gender assumptions R a farce, a sad joke on society. And why defining a "real" girl vs a "tomboy"=dumb #
  • When I was much tinier & had a mohawk, men cdnt get enough of me. "Othering" galore. I was convinced several of them were closet bisexuals. #
  • I'm often bemused, confused, frustrated & amused by how brainwashed ppl are by arbitrary gender roles. #
  • Also, when I'm carrying a ton of groceries, more men hit on me but they NEVER offer to help carry them – but they want digits. WTF is that? #
  • But yet when I chop all my hair off like a punky brat, my assumption that men will find me less attractive is 100% wrong. I become dick bait #
  • Whenever I wear a dress, more men open doors for me. Are dresses made of magic? Because everything else is exactly the same. #
  • I've been talking about politics 4 two weeks & I'm burnt out on a 247 focus Right now I want to talk about gender assumptions. Here I go. #
  • I realize I'm rambling now but I'm totally fine with that. Mute me or keep reading, idgaf <3 not done yet. #
  • In t past I empathized w my guy friends who complain re: their gfs rambling about nonsense. That's why yr partner shd also B friend material #
  • Being a queer person who has dated guys & girls, I find that pretty isn't enough 4 me. Substance is key. Shoe talk=bai. #
  • I have a handful of female friends who, 4 various reasons, I indulge w "girly" talk. Beyond that, it's as appealing to me as a root canal. #
  • It's probably not a huge surprise but I usually prefer t company of girls who have more guy friends than female friends. Usually, not always #
  • re: previous tweet, let me define "dopey": privileged girls who think I shd care about their shoe shopping spree. Wanted 2 vomit in her hair #
  • I was once on the subway while a guy smoked crack. That was less offensive than dopey chicks who press their nonsense on me. Zero tolerance. #
  • I'm that type who presses elevator buttons 4 ppl & says "good evening" 2 elders on t street. but so help me god yammer about shoes=were done #
  • It's also like three different worlds – SF and Oakland and Berkeley. I prefer the vibe in Berkeley & Oakland. More activism, better parties. #
  • I have nothing against small talk. But only in SF, in my experience, do ppl passive aggressively try 2 make you do it with them. So weird. #
  • I am pretty sure this "hey man it's all good" vibe is because weed is legal AND ppl take really long lunch breaks. Small talk is in SF's DNA #
  • If bus wench had gone "did you watch the DNC?" I wd have smiled & engaged in convo. But she was in shoe mode while I was in STFU mode alas. #
  • There is also nothing about me visually that says "omg lets talk about yr shoes, stranger on bus." And yet, she yammered on. Me=death stares #
  • That's not to say I don't have great sporadic convos w strangers. I do. But about real shit. Politics. Art. Death. Not yr fucking flats, wtf #
  • Girl on bus wanted 2 discuss her shoes w me. If I had mace, I wd have sprayed her. That jabber never happens n NYC, ppl respect quiet time. #
  • I always delude myself in2 thinking I cd live in SF. Nice place 2 visit but my personality doesn't work here. My energy matches NYC, not SF. #
  • The next time I'm in SF I'm borrowing or renting a bike. Public trans blows. Spoiled by NYC's accessibility & frequency. #
  • Even on my off-work hours I've had to rush around for various needs. Wiped out, can't wait 2 return 2 NYC. #
  • Hey @laurelmargaret sorry we couldn't hang tonight :/ have to run an errand for my project. I'm really sad we cdnt chill, but next time 🙂 #

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