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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-09-07

  • Already getting emotional before @BarackObama's speech. It's just so great to see a president of color. <3 #Current2012 #DNC12 #
  • It's times like these I am especially proud to work for @current. Brava, @jengranholm @GranholmTWR #current2012 #DNC012 #
  • The D is for daaaaym Jennifer! <3 #Current2012 “@Soledad_OBrien: Wow. Granholm's speech absolutely over-the-top crowd pleaser.” #
  • The middle class goin' caraaaaazy for Jennifer Granholm & @BarackObama right now 🙂 #DNC12 #
  • How are we even friends if you aren't watching #ratchetpiece theater? Deep thoughts, y'all. #
  • something good is coming! or maybe too much caffeine? 🙂 “@xMattieBrice: My heart is pounding and I don't know why.” #
  • Sometimes when U start demanding more 4 yourself, you "lose" some friends. But in reality you're not losing much-making space 4 real allies. #
  • The way fans obsessively know everything a celeb likes & does is how I will know my kids – fave music, friends names, fave websites, etc. #
  • 2/2 So many times as a teen, grown men tried to lure me online to meet IRL. I will always know my kids' online activity. Always. #
  • I will always know what my kids do online. No such thing as privacy while I'm paying t bills. My 1st chat ended w a guy emailing me porn 1/2 #
  • 2/2 This is why, with my kids, they don't get to touch or own a computer until they complete a digital literacy 101 class led by me. #
  • I'm watching this show on OWN about a US teen who was kidnapped by a guy from Greece, taken to Greece after meeting & "dating" online. 1/2 #
  • *apocalypse begins* "@santagati That's America 4 u..a nation of big dreams. RT @TwittsMcGee: I want 2 B Honey Boo Boo Child when I grow up” #
  • It's kinda weird/cool when I see @algore on #Current2012 and on a Futurama rerun in the same day. Worlds colliding. #
  • Bender: "I came here with a simple dream: to kill all humans" lmao. I would love to hang out w Futurama writers. #
  • I LOVE Futurama. If @Netflix ever lost their license for it I would end my membership, #realtalk I get protective 'bout my toons. #
  • Ew @ that Seinfeld episode where George convinces an AA woman who doesn't speak English to put baby oil on his head #gross #exploitive #
  • .@HamillHimself Batman: The Animated Series. *comic book guy voice* Best Show Ever. Happy 20th anniversary! #
  • Hey @ainaabiodun I'm really excited about what yr doing with @storycodeorg. I hope to attend an event soon when I'm in town. #
  • BTW neither @grubhub or #MOO pay me to rave. I just like to give props to companies that enhance my life sometimes. That is all. #
  • I truly appreciate @grubhub when I travel. Such a stress reliever + now you can play games to win free food? #omg #amazing. #
  • I'm getting a pack of free #MOO cards because I've got Klout – thanks to @overheardatmoo! #
  • That's 1 of the things I love about Twitter: when lames unfollow, by EOD super cool kids follow. It's a river of givings+lovez, tis twitter. #
  • Staring at the Metreon. Do I go to a movie or go pass out in my hotel? Halp #tired #butstillafilmnerd #

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