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Hi, I'm Daniela. Welcome to my personal lair on the Internet. This is where I write about storytelling, activism, technology and pop culture. Sometimes I post videos. I update my lair when the mood strikes me. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates (@dcap).

@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-09-04

  • A great litmus test for crazy is how often someone persists w Twitter DMs instead of calling or a sending an email after that is requested. #
  • I'm very happy that my Twitter stream right now is a combo of people talking about Trina, video games & feminism. #
  • yaaaay! “@freshalina: Let me go to bed. I will turn Twitter into Trina appreciation hour.” #
  • 2/2 I love that I've reached a point where I can feel equally comfortable in both SF & NYC & have support networks. Took a lot of work+time. #
  • I've been having the best time in the bay area. Now that I'm older & don't really drink, I don't care that everything closes early. 1/2 #
  • Today I went to Oakland Pride & met some folks from Bay Area Rock Camp For Girls. We're going 2 discuss a @POCZineProject collaboration <3 #

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