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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-20

  • this. right here. is bullshit. “@kthalps: GOP Senate Candidate: Victims Of 'Legitimate Rape' Won't Become Pregnant” #
  • LOVE #
  • -> “@benjaminjackson: Insanely smart robots will take more and more manufacturing jobs over the next few years:” #
  • +1 “@saclib_Central: Sacbee – Sacramento's a leader in offering digital titles & training patrons We made the news!” #
  • Imagine this: LL Cool J's "I need Love" is playing. Your partner is sweeping your apartment. Perfection. #justtookyouthere #myworld2.0 #
  • Someone starts sweeping my kitchen = I put on Teddy Pendergrass #goldengirlsflow #housekeepingishot #
  • "so you wanna see this twerk/then do your share of the housework" – #cohabitatingrealnessraps #
  • "got an aversion to chores/do you/and never get inside these drawers/boo hoo" – #whatwomenreallywant #fromanygender #
  • "If you afraid to lift a mop/you will never see these panties drop" – rap lyrics that need to be performed #yougonlearntoday #
  • My <3 is cleaning the bathroom sink now. Yaaaas baby *Barry White voice* #nowplaying I've Been Thinking – Handsome Boy Modeling School #
  • Me? Donate to @MittRomney? This tree just died in vain. #neverrrr #
  • +100 😉 “@savasavasava: @dcap washing dishes at sink? hubba hubba.” #
  • !!! RIGHT? I don't need flowers. I just want you to pick up a mop #swoon “@savasavasava: @dcap I feel you, sister.” #
  • I've apparently reached that age where it is honestly a literal turn on when my partners help clean the apt. Wow, I'm grown. #life #
  • Not gonna front: It is REALLY sexy when yr partner, unprompted, goes "I'm cleaning the entire bathroom this weekend" #mybodyisready #
  • lmao “@EveryGentrifier: Can anyone recommend a good math skills iPhone app for my fetus?” #
  • ha! nice @Jewyorican! “@miklevin: Shit Gentrifiers Say is Our Favorite Twitter of the Week via @remezcla” #

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