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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-12

  • .@LatinoBriefingR Unfollowing you now. You give Latinos a bad name with your ignorance, hate speech & misinformation. You're disgusting. in reply to LatinoBriefingR #
  • 🙂 “@heavenrants: " I could learn a thing or two from you about style" – ACTUAL QUOTE FROM MY ACTUAL BABY SISTER.” #
  • There's a difference btwn Ryan being an actual "economic warrior" & just making stupid decisions that prove zero understanding of economics. #
  • 🙂 hehe“@OhMeadhbh: was just looking at @dcap's profile pic… have to find my 3d glasses now! (more profile pix should be in 3d, i think)” #
  • Not like I was expecting Romney 2 pick some1 who wd challenge his bird brain ideas. But it's still vile, the idea of those 2 running things. #
  • Slow clap for all folks reminding everyone Obama also made the same VP intro gaffe. Dying 4 Condescending Wonka responses. Where are you? #
  • lmao “@DriXander Ryan: America: the only county founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature & from God. Equal opportunity, not outcomes" #
  • Paul Ryan opposes hate crimes protection for gays and lesbians? I oppose hate crimes protection for moronic bigots. #
  • LOL *bangs head on desk* “@elanazak: Can't wait to see what @TheDailyShow does with Romney calling Ryan the next president of the U.S.” #
  • "If you can dream it, we can crush it" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • “A vote for RR is a vote for he who walks behind the rows!" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • “F*ck yo couch!" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "Who needs Medicare when you've got Robitusson" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "Two guys one cup" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • “We'll run this country as GOP: Guys On Peyote" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "A porche for every summer home" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "You don't need birth control if you're not a whore!" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • “If you've got a trust fund, trust we'll have fun!" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "We'll create more jobs … by firing' all the womenz" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • “Puttin' all the homeless on Mars" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "If you're very poor, your plight's a bore" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #
  • "A dress for every horse" #RomneyRyanCampaignSlogans #

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