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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-04

  • mad gauche “@lexinyt: I truly can't believe @NBCOlympics just went to a commercial in the middle of a swimming race.” #
  • lol “@MylesNMiller: Also, didn't realize that Denzel Washington had a cock eye.” #
  • .@milesmaker exciting! in reply to milesmaker #
  • oh hai @tumblr why u no have search functionality in iPhone app or access to saved searches? #moardevworkplease #
  • Mansion hideaways made of dressage horses coated in Aztec gold “@GranholmTWR: What do you think Mitt Romney is hiding in his tax returns?” #
  • LOL RT @LA_mag: Intro 2 Global Warming by Mr. Freeze? Imagined Courses 4 @Schwarzenegger Inst. 4 State & Global Policy #
  • lmao “@santagati: NBC is the network that brought us "Alf" so I'm sure they have the highest standards, @sylphanne” #
  • ooooo! “@killrockstars: Corin Tucker's "Groundhog Day" is up on Bandcamp” #
  • yikes “@MediaReDEF: Reuters hacked, phony Syria stories posted” #
  • gotdamn, ppl RT @latinorebels: Restaurant claims its "wetback Willie" burrito was not intended to be racist #
  • The @poczineproject tour is going to be epic. I'm beyond excited + lucky to work w amazing collaborators. #
  • .@thejennabond TY I appreciate your support! in reply to thejennabond #
  • btw, list isn't open 4 all 2 add names bcuz it's a curation project/I need 2 vet 4 my own needs – but welcome feedback #
  • .@thejennabond If you want, message me yr gmail + I'll add you to help me add multi-racial folks. I can only do so much on my own ya know 🙂 in reply to thejennabond #
  • .@thejennabond I'll be adding more mainstream celebs 🙂 4 now focusing on influential folks who deserve more shine based on their activity. in reply to thejennabond #
  • My in progress 🙂 list of 100 (each) AA/Latino/LGBTQ folks on Twitter includes influential journos, media peeps, activists and bloggers. #
  • .@thejennabond hi! as noted within, the list is in progress. i started w people who include political commentary in their range of tweets. in reply to thejennabond #
  • .@michaelhayes Hi, @BuzzFeed's LGBT-focused vertical hiring notice is missing "Q" R U going 2 cover Queer-identified? #
  • .@BuzzFeed, "Q" is missing from yr LGBT-focused vertical hiring notice. Are you going to cover Queer-identified? #
  • re: previous tweet – the list of POC folks I'm creating is of "Thought Leaders," Journalists, Bloggers and Activists #
  • I'm creating a doc of 100 African American/Black, 100 Latino + 100 LGBTQ folks to follow on Twitter. Who am I missing? #
  • Searching by "beat" on @muckrack doesn't always work. See "LGBTQ" #
  • I also wish that @muckrack let you search for African American and Latino journalists (who identified as such). (2/2) #
  • I wish that @muckrack let you search for #LGBTQ journalists. Either by beat or by personal identification. (1/2) #
  • .@jaysonrodriguez Yeah I rarely get mad at Google TV now It's like a boyfriend/girlfriend you finally trained to act right. Comfortable now. in reply to jaysonrodriguez #
  • .@jaysonrodriguez Hi! I like Roku more than Apple TV cuz its more open but it has an ugly UI. I like Google TV best since the upgrade s'dope in reply to jaysonrodriguez #
  • I don't use a TV guide. I check Twitter & my lists/curated stream give me suggestions. If yr show isn't online I'm not watching it probably #
  • Devices like Google TV & ROKU R why I can watching my fav web series on my big TV instead of zzz reg TV. Not all reg TV is zzz but most is. #
  • All video shd be "all screens" experiences. I'll never watch if it's only on TV, why I love Bob's Burgers! Films – I prefer on big screens. #
  • I still watch a lot of video content – I mostly find it through Twitter & FB on my phone, not TV. I still go to movie theaters #4lyfe #
  • I used to watch TV. Now I mostly "watch" Twitter. I learn more (from multiple sources) and it's just as entertaining. #

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