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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-07-04

  • *cackles* RT @MattDentler "National media: please give us more web and insect puns in your 'Amazing Spider-Man' coverage." – no one anywhere #
  • Edupunk: thinking and learning for yourself + a DIY attitude + building community + empowering others through learning/hands on activities. #
  • re: previous texts, I know some great teachers + my sister is a teacher. But yeah, bad teachers from childhood inspired me 2 B an edupunk. #
  • LOL She seriously needs an Adult Swim show homage to her crappy teaching. "Bad Teacher" RT @RealAdrianC @dcap haha seriously #
  • I once had a teacher in elementary school tell me "you ask too many questions." That bitch was cray cray. #
  • Great convo with Catherine Dinh at @LeapFrog 4 @current mini guide on how women can succeed in video game industry. Excited 2 wrap this up! #
  • Enjoyed speaking w @TweetlessBex, Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft Game Studios. Check her out on @platformbiased podcast! #
  • Speaking with folks from @us_ignite 2day for piece on ed-tech, high-speed broadband in public schools + digital divide. Connecting the dots. #
  • Looking forward 2 speaking w Shana T. Bryant, Senior Associate Producer at @Capcom_Unity, today for the @current mini guide for girls/women. #
  • lol yay! RT @jambajim had 1st "Ugh have 2 move cuz of alt side street parking" experience. That's right fools. I own a car now! #ReadyForLA #
  • Saw this via @ckanal, congrats! 😀 RT @lheron Very happy to say that @elanazak is joining the @WSJ social media team. Welcome, Elana! #
  • Looking forward to speaking with @libe_goad today for my @current mini guide for girls/women who want to succeed in the video game industry. #

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