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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-27

  • Choose your future. Choose your life. @GetGlue #Trainspotting #
  • My sister's here with her teen brother who is an actor. Teens are so cool man, I'm hopeful about the future. The kids, they're all right. #
  • OMG I forgot about that!! 😀 RT @BowsandSparrows I miss the days when you could call POPCORN to find out the time. #
  • #nowplaying Aretha Franklin Ft Lauryn Hill – A Rose Is Still A Rose #
  • It is so gratifying and inspiring to speak with women who dare to live their dreams and who go out of their way to help others. <3 my job. #
  • Just had 1 of the best interviews of my pro life w @hoppingfun re: women + video games + transmedia. Only beaten by intv w hero Rutger Hauer #
  • .@krianbalma Glad you agree. Young people ask me this a lot so I wanted to put it out there again. in reply to krianbalma #
  • re: previous tweet, don't be afraid of trying things U "don't know." life=experimenting, so demystify that unknown 4 yourself + enjoy it. #
  • If U want 2 be a good curator + find work curating content & experiences 4 companies, start a curation project of your own. Learn by doing. #
  • "You can't be any geek off the street. Gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I mean. Earn your keep." #
  • So much happening today: my sister arrives from CA for the 1st time, several interviews to handle, my apartment is gross/needs cleaning… #
  • I'm so excited about the Flight+ & FlightTracker Pro apps! @corvida's review: #
  • "I begin with an idea and it becomes something else" – Picasso = It's ok for your plan & execution to evolve from original strat. #
  • .@SouthBronxUnite TY for RT! Full disclosure: I have tried FreshDirect before but now understand the issues. in reply to SouthBronxUnite #
  • .@corvida is playing Plague for iPhone & is scaring me with her knack for infecting the world with deadly diseases. Over 75m people. Eeeks #
  • .@CajunDave Oh I just read some of your tweets. You're 1 of those Obama & Jew hating racist trolls. And here we pass, strangers in the night in reply to CajunDave #
  • @CajunDave I don't know what you're talking about but cool nose picking pic? Have a good night in reply to CajunDave #
  • The news cycle is 90% an Aqua Teen Hunger Force joke paid to distract you from real issues many people are too afraid to write about. #
  • "Oo giant sodas = enemy!" How about our gov can afford 2 serve healthy school food but we still allow Taco Bell +vending machines there. Yo! #
  • "Oo giant sodas are the enemy!" How about Bloomberg giving FreshDirect Bronx waterfront land that was supposed 2 to be for community gardens #
  • "Ooo giant sodas are the enemy!" How about ppl who pay farm pickers so low it's cheaper to buy junk food than the food they pick? #
  • Something more alarming than 7-Eleven selling giant sodas is why poor people can only afford crappy food + why schools still serve crap food #
  • lmfaoooooo I heart you cc @corvida RT @laurenthedark: Suck it, assholes. Pardon. #
  • .@santagati yeah I was just clarifying for my imaginary followers. I know you feel me on this 🙂 in reply to santagati #
  • .@santagati I think you agree with what I'm saying but you're just saying it in a different way. in reply to santagati #
  • .@santagati I know 🙂 but in this case I'm speaking as a reader not a content creator/ad sales exec/etc. I tire of ppl selling mediocrity. in reply to santagati #
  • If @motherjones had a paywall I would pay if they also fixed their awful mobile site & had a cool iPhone app. No doubt. #
  • There's a reason I pay 4 print subscription 2 @motherjones & visit the site. They R so on their shit. More than made up 4 early #ows gaffes. #
  • 2/2 meaning, if u have paywall, you better have some shit behind there worth my $. GOOD long form journalism + interactive. News is free. #
  • Expecting people 2 pay 4 news is like expecting Fox News commenters 2 make sense. People pay 4 innovation not reformatted press releases 1/2 #
  • Yup RT @everythinglibra: #Libras a have their own unique yet logical way of viewing the world and the people in it. #
  • .@corvida just showed me the super secret settings in Tweetbot. Go go gadget girlfriend! #

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