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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-05-22

  • Does @freshdirect have a program where people can buy groceries for homeless families? If not they should. #
  • It never ceases to amaze me, the incredible people I find on Twitter. I <3 the transformative tidbits of knowledge I glean from my feed <3 #
  • I want to hang out IRL. RT “@OhWonka: Oh, you wish you were a little bit taller? I bet you also wish you were a baller.” #
  • for real doh “@OhWonka: Oh, you have a Macbook Pro and only use it for Facebook? You're so tech savvy, what a great investment.” #
  • Such an a hole lmao “@OhWonka: Oh, your favorite movie is The Notebook? You're such a unique female specimen.” #
  • lmaoooooo “@OhWonka: Bitches love chocolate factories.” #
  • lmao #ow #laughs “@OhWonka: Oh, you took a picture with a Hooter's girl? You're such a ladies man.” #
  • *crying laughter tears* “@OhWonka: Oh, you wear sunglasses at night? I bet the haters can't see you in them.” #
  • lmfao “@OhWonka: Oh, you spend $50 on alcohol and $2 on Suave shampoo? You must take great care of yourself.” #
  • lmao “@OhWonka: Oh, you get drunk and go on a texting spree? You must be a fan favorite at 3am.” #
  • Sounds like there's a Bollywood-tinged rave happening outside my friend's apt in Bed-Stuy #ilovebrooklynsometimes #
  • *shakes fist* 😉 RT @ultraprison I just ousted @dcap as the mayor of The Young Turks Studios, Rebel Headquarters on @foursquare! #
  • I'm torn over @freshdirect now delivering to BX. Convenient, yes, but small local businesses will suffer. #
  • Good idea RT “@newsycombinator: Petition Obama adminstration to require free access to publicly funded research” #

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