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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-05-06

  • Spending this weird day watching Spongebob and documentaries with @corvida while she patiently listens to my #cincodemayo rant. #
  • Award for misleading headline goes to “@MotherJones First it was our jobs. Now Obama wants to send our guns overseas!” #
  • yup RT @WomensHumor: #CincoDeMayo is the one day of the year where all white people freely toe the line of racism. #Sombrero #AyAyAy” #
  • I wish, then ppl would actually pay attention to what's happening in Arizona “@AZ_David: Everybody's Mexican on #CincoDeMayo € #
  • It's fascinating how culturally insensitive and rachet ppl can be in their pursuit of extreme intoxication on #CincoDeMayo #
  • reason #3 “@shesanightowl: Dear white ppl: look around u at who is wearing a sombrero. Are ANY of them latin@? I thought not #CincoDeMayo € #
  • this is reason #2 “@lovealwayskelli: Bout to get fucked up and puke up some Mexican food. Hollllaaa #cincodemayo € #
  • I don't celebrate #CincoDeMayo for many reasons. #1 is states like Arizona with laws that oppress Latinos while raking in $ on this day. BS #
  • Too many random boners + Oovoo & TinyChat more fun RT “@laurenthedark: Whatever happened to Chatroulette?” #
  • Yup “@Trina_Coles: Cinco De Mayo = MEXICAN CULTURAL EXPLOITATION for $$$.” #

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