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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • #nowplaying Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg – French Inhale #rainysunday #
  • .@stephentotilo this might be helpful: in reply to stephentotilo #
  • Fascinating! “@JadAbumrad: "More than 10m square kilometers of landscape on the surface of Mars… is made of glass"” #
  • mmm nope “@junkprints: can one say that they 'saw Tupac live' if they saw a hologram of him at Coachella?” #
  • Think Like A Man was entertaining. I went to enjoy audience commentary but actually liked the movie. 👏No comment on the book. #
  • thanks for sharing this “@fromthehip: The tweetbomb and the ethics of attention via @sharethis” #
  • I wouldn't want this RT @dens My weight: 163.7 lb. My @WiThings scale auto-tweets weight 1x a week. It's the future! #
  • Done with Twitter's buggy app. Hi Tweetbot, sorry I ever left you. #
  • .@santagati yeah. "every time i'm in the kitchen, you're in the kitchen. eatin' up all the food!" 😉 i'm a twitter night owl for sure. in reply to santagati #
  • .@hardlynormal I used one of your videos on #homeless & #hotels for a roundup on foster kids living in hotels/motels: #
  • Can't sleep. 2 excited about finishing the 2nd bedroom in my loft. Adopting teen from #fostercare this year. Doing home study in a few weeks #
  • seems like you are always awake when I'm awake. watching adult swim. “@santagati: Oh, um, and Eagleheart on Adult Swim? WTF?” #
  • summer protip: get those pedialyte freezer pops made for babies and eat one as a treat after a hot shweaty day. you'll feel hydrated & cool #
  • why I love zines “@PaulCantor: there used to be something so fun about finding something in its physical form. I find an mp3 & don't care.” #
  • .@corvida @laurenthedark IT'S MIIIIIIINE in reply to corvida #
  • WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO THROW OUT OLD SHOES I DON'T EVEN WEAR ANYMORE. #nowplaying Erykah Badu: Bag Lady #purge #
  • Come here, let me coach you. #
  • Good morning, el mundo. Tomorrow I'm having 2nd bedroom built in my loft so that I have "adult privacy" for myself after the kiddo arrives. #
  • +1 “@jessiepeterson: I can't wait until the cut on my hand stops looking like a tiny vagina.” #
  • Hmm @twitter is suggesting I follow @glennbeck. I'd rather follow an account for a mutant sewer rat #idreadthosetweetsfirst #splinter #
  • #likeaboss #awesome “@mollyknefel: Someone is mic checking from inside the police wagon #sleeponwallst #ows” #
  • oh noez lol “@drgoddess: HAHA!!!!!! RT @SeanMandela: Tv one has a show called 'MY MOMMA THROWS DOWN' aka the best fried chicken contest smh” #
  • oh word lmao “@mashable: Millennial Consumers: Engaged, Optimistic, Charitable [STUDY] –” #
  • lmfao “@HologramTupac: Problem with hologram bitches is you can't feel their tits. #HologramWorldProblems #CurvesMakeaNiggaCry #NeedTits € #
  • lmao “@HologramTupac: I get around…. your firewall!” #
  • There's so much funny/fucked up shit on Twitter tonight. *wipes eyes* 😂👏 #
  • lmao “@current: 26 Fortune 500 companies aren't paying taxes this year, in fact, they have negative tax rates. CHART:” #
  • lmao “@goodlaura OMGoodness! That Dorito Locos Taco @ @tacobell was so good I'm driving thru again 2 try t Supreme! & there is 10 car wait!” #
  • lmao “@RyanNewYork: Overheard in Bushwick: "We're the freaks. And, it's hard to be the freaks in art school."” #
  • :/ “@lenadunham Call me slow on uptake, but only 2nite did I realize how serious Rihanna is re: S&M. Like, it's ev er y song #nocomplaints € #
  • .@AnFcknDukes lmao in reply to AnFcknDukes #
  • PLEASE be my friend IRL “@perlapell: If I watch oiled-up great dancers do the tango for too long I get rully horned up to the max.” #
  • lmao “@lexinyt: So over this story. RT @mashable Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Answers Questions on Reddit:” #
  • whaaaat “@MediaReDEF: 'Virtual' Tupac May Go on Tour /via @MediaReDEF” #
  • lmao rt @perlapell poor gals in beauty product commercials get so shy they have 2 giggle/cover their faces from camera/peek thru thr fingers #
  • [just donated] Help make it happen for Cuando Una Mujer Avanza – When a Woman Steps Forward on @indiegogo #

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