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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

  • lol “@hnigatu: Pills, pills, pills #CVSremix € #
  • .@rp92672 Thanks! I am following @careyfuller. Wanted to add her in my tweet by my phone wouldn't let me pull up her handle. in reply to rp92672 #
  • .@themermaidnyc I'm definitely returning to enjoy your sumptuous oysters. Thanks for the excellent service! in reply to themermaidnyc #
  • @BarackObama's FY 2013 budget: what you need to know about how it impacts #children and #teens in #fostercare #
  • lmao “@brooke: Hey white middle aged dude asking Siri where the nearest Chipotle is? Please just stop. Just stop.” #
  • I donate funds to classrooms in the south bronx through, this year I'm switching to helping homeless youth orgs in nyc #
  • It's incredible, the stories u can find on twitter about personal experiences with homelessness. I have @hardlynormal to thank for that info #
  • Mermaid Oyster Bar just taught me that you can actually have too many oysters. I blame @bxwebb. #delicious #divine #
  • #winning “@Hnics85: Pretty sure I walked by John Larroquette while drinking my Jamba Juice #ATTHESAMEDAMNTIME € #
  • .@corvida @IdoNotes Q: Why did the pigeon cross the road? A: Cuz it was a thuggish nasty ass pigeon from NYC, didn't fear moving vehicles. in reply to corvida #
  • GOP: "Rapists R 'gift givers' 2 yr vagina. If U fear rape/dealing w an unwanted pregnancy, put aspirin in yr slut hole that we <3 so much." #
  • I can't wait for more loose lipped crazies to crawl out of the woodwork & endorse GOP POTUS candidates. So helpful, thanks guys #
  • please endorse romney “@TuckerMax Planned Parenthood cooler if was giant flight of stairs, w/some1 pushing girls down like water park slide” #
  • so cool “@LatinaAfricana: I just found how to use the MLA to cite a tweet:” #
  • yay mamas! “@shananaomi: happy birthday to my most amazing mother @lesliedean, who continues to inspire me in so many ways.” #
  • Hopefully to coincide with more job openings “@mashable: White House to Developers: Help Us Build Job Search Apps –” #
  • "Oh, I thought you said 'punchluence.'" Then I'd smile sweetly #likeaboss #
  • If I was on a date and someone asked me about my "pinfluence," I would punch them in the face. #
  • word “@perlapell: I don't condone profiling in any way but I do wish airports had a more comprehensive "don't fly due to farts" list.” #
  • .@jacobsoboroff dangerous! who are you, that insurance guy who goes raccoon mode in an attic and jumps on cars? 😉 in reply to jacobsoboroff #
  • .@jambajim if yer in town let's go next week! it's on me if you get the fancy ifc popcorn. in reply to jambajim #
  • .@jambajim WAIT! jokey joke? It's like $18 per ticket for Pina 3D at IFC, not $60. Don't be messin' with my brainz. in reply to jambajim #
  • WTF $60? And no lap dance? Rude RT @jambajim @dcap OMG IT'S SO GOOD. I'd consider seeing it again w you but 3D movie tix are like $60. 🙂 #
  • When adults in my life piss me off, I work on and I feel much better. Remembering my priorities, sharing resources. #
  • So, yeah, if someone doesn't go see Pina 3D with me at IFC soon I'm going to … go see it alone. WITH mah buddeh IMAGINATION. #youjealous #
  • LOL you got jokes, Chris??? cc @corvida 😛 🙂 RT @IdoNotes @dcap so listen can you do me a favor :-). in reply to IdoNotes #
  • .@IdoNotes Clear signs someone is a user: Contact U only when they want something from U. Rarely/never there when U need them. Easy to spot. in reply to IdoNotes #
  • :/ wut RT @ainaabiodun omg this happened 2 me! RT @ANIMALNewYork Check Bank Statements, NYC Taxi Credit Cards Hacked #
  • Try this: Stay away from some1 in your life U suspect is a user/not a real friend & measure how much yr life tangibly improves. Cuz it will. #
  • This movie reminded me of times I had forgotten about (@ AMC Loews Village 7 for Project X w/ 5 others) #

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