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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-11

  • Sure ok RT “@KellieZambito91: @dcap Quit Your Job! Make $350+ Paid Daily, Using Twitter 100% FREE To Join! #
  • .@PaulCantor I think I define superhuman differently … I know plenty of subhuman folks with smartphones. in reply to PaulCantor #
  • wow RT “@KateGardiner: Oh my. Gentrification issues.” #
  • wtf lol :/ RT @laurenthedark Ex-employer put my phone # in spot where SSN is spsd 2go on tax form. 1 of many reasons 2 fuckin' work 4 yrself #
  • All hopped up on as many flu remedies you can safely take at once. Hope I sleep the whole way to Cali #
  • SF bound (@ Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) w/ 162 others) #
  • Luckily last night I went to a great dinner with new @poczineproject allies so this trip to Chicago wasn't all for naught. So mad I'm sick. #
  • Trying not 2 feel totally shitty about not being at @chicagozinefest 2day bcuz of stupid flu. Luckily @inzombia will read my statement 4 me. #
  • .@hnigatu That's it. We must hang out soon. I will be back in NYC on 3/25 and will contact you then. in reply to hnigatu #
  • … The last time I was in Chicago was in 2009, speaking at a BlogHer conference. I met @corvida IRL and we saw The Orphan. #GoodMemories #
  • oh sick burn “@elowitz: There's a #sxsw Google+ session today: i heard millions of people have been signed up – but no one will be present.” #
  • Next destination: LGA. Destination after that: @chicagozinefest. #letsdothis #
  • distracting myself w SHUT UP! LITTLE MAN, an incredible doc that has all my favorite things: zines, found objects, audio verite, crazy ppl #
  • going to muster all my spiritual/pithy platitudes to accept that i am getting sick on the eve of a bunch of work travel. …. hold me. #
  • I wonder what being logged into FB and Twitter all day for work is doing to my brain. #
  • There is a new venue inside the building I live in (South BX) (@ The Clock Cafe & Martini Bar) [pic]: #
  • cool! “@Marthalicia: The HARLEM SCHOOL of THE ARTS, solo art show of my NEW ART works;… " ..FOR GRANTED…" ….will be up this weekend!” #
  • .@MonsieurCS haha! in reply to MonsieurCS #
  • going to punish myself 4 considering getting food delivered from new cafe/bar that opened inside my building instead of pick up. bougie ass #
  • this made me tear up “@judyblume: @beverlycleary–welcome to twitter (again). Your fans (including me) are thrilled. You r my inspiration.” #
  • Amazing. Even w Internet access & ample info online re: Joseph Kony & the LRA, ignorant ppl are calling #stopKONY a conspiracy/talking shit #
  • I'm beyond psyched that #stopkony is trending worldwide. Here's why: Incredible social marketing for an important cause #
  • Dear @hulu_support, I hope U will consider my request & take steps 2 better represent/support your Latino customers. TY #
  • Noticed that my letter to @Hulu has a few auto-correct spelling errors. Doh. Oh well, I made my point. #
  • Dear @hulu, I hope you will consider my request & take steps to better represent and support your Latino customers. TY #
  • Good morning. I'll be on a panel at @chicagozinefest with @Inzombia and some other rad ladies on 3/10 to talk about @poczineproject. Yayer #
  • Good morning. I'll be on a panel at @chicagozinefest with @Inzombia and some other rad ladies on 2/10 to talk about @poczineproject. Yayer #
  • Bold, wildly inaccurate statement RT “@MTV: If this new #StayStrong clip doesn't make u love @DemiLovato, there's something wrong with you" #
  • waka waka waka RT “@paulcarr: I wish people would learn the difference between dispinterested and unpinterested.” #

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