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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

  • lmao “@ejacqui Slut Flowers, amirite? “@thinkprogress: @ProFlowers pulling ads from Rush Limbaugh show. 7th co to drop” #
  • #cosign RT “@Jewyorican: I hate the FDR with the fire of a thousand suns.” #
  • So, fellow cheapos: a cab from @Brooklyn_ikea to Fort Greene: $17. Fee the car service at IKEA wanted to charge us: $29. Glad I hustled. #
  • Most swag status cab of all time #
  • OH: Pinga in 3D?? Me: No … Pina in 3D #smh #spanishjokes #
  • .@Toure talks mad shit about celebrities. More annoying than that is ppl who say he shouldn't because he's "above" that #obviouslynot in reply to Toure #
  • Protip for @Ikea_brooklyn: try to avoid paying the cray cray car service charges by snagging a cab drop off to go back. much cheaper #
  • .@moorehn *cackles* in reply to moorehn #
  • the most obvious/not slick place to make out at Ikea is in the bedroom section. #duh real g's take it to home organization or lighting. #
  • I've observed there are mating rituals specific to ikea. Flirtatiously debating future bedroom layout, buying your <3 a Swedish meatball… #
  • .@hnigatu I agree! in reply to hnigatu #
  • Walking around Ikea showroom is like being in the Matrix. Self-serve = waking up & realizing none of that was real, need to assemble it all. #
  • OH at @ikea_brooklyn: Girlfriend to boyfriend: "I want to kill you." Boyfriend: "But-" Girlfriend: "Go away." LMAO #
  • I'm so happy @corvida is back from #TED so we can go to @ikea_brooklyn today #oldladythoughts #
  • lol “@Ruth_A_Buzzi: Don't u really hate it when people are condescending to you? By the way, condescending means talking down to someone.” #
  • 🙂 I'm excited to complete the process this spring. tx for asking RT “@robfields: @dcap How's that going?” #
  • .@laurenthedark @jimgroom @george_haines so excited for you!!! in reply to laurenthedark #
  • As I keep talking about my foster-to-adopt experiences on the web, it feels more real to me. Evidence of something. I feel visible. K, tata. #
  • I talk about foster training here + Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr bcuz I don't know any1 else like me doing this; it feels lonely sometimes. #
  • A former foster teen complimented my blue eyeliner at foster training today. I'm less terrified of parenting a girl than I was a year ago. #
  • I work front home, listen to a bunch of booty bass and then go to foster parent training. After that, getting a drink. My reality. #
  • .@soapdotcom Thank you for quickly solving my delivery problem via phone today. Yr great customer service is why I keep coming back. #
  • Going to foster parent training this afternoon. I'll write about my experience later at #
  • OG, son! RT @TwBirthday @dcap Happy 5th TwBirthday! You've been around since 03 March 2007! #
  • represent! “@goodlaura: “@TEDNews: Shoutout to #TEDxLive around the world. Are u watching? #TED € <-we're watching at #tedxsac #sacramento € #
  • haha “@DarylLang: New Facebook Pages layout takes square thumbnails and crops them to tall rectangles. WHY FACEBOOK WHY?!” #
  • working on a client project. must remember to put on pants before my friend drops by. #
  • #nowplaying Childish Gambino – Outside (tx @bxwebb) #
  • Cool! RT @lexinyt … @heenako, @kerrimac, @nicatnyt, Darcy Eveleigh & I have a new NYT Tumblr to share: #
  • +1 “@Jewyorican: Happy Dominican Independence day! I always love it when #Inwood is in a festive mood :-)” #
  • Houston RT “@allthingsd: On Twitter, the Oscars Were Huge – But Not Whitney Huston Huge -by @pkafka” #
  • #swag “@MotherJones: Lucy Lawless—a.k.a Xena: Warrior Princess—Occupies a Shell Oil Drilling Ship:” #
  • I made this. #teen #adoption #parenting #queer #

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