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Women’s History Month 2012: ’31 ladies who rock’ countdown! and why artist Aissata Pinto da Costa is amazing

With dangerous bills out there and oppressive sentiment from right wing radicals saturating the media, I am happy to take the next 30 days to spotlight women in my life who are living their dreams and helping others in the process (here’s the first in the series). Check out amazing lady #2:

Aissata Pinto da Costa with one of her first paintings

Who Is She?
Aissata Pinto da Costa: Renaissance Woman. Artist. Activist.

A true citizen of the world, Aissata has lived in six countries and speaks five languages fluently. She is a native of São Tomé and Principe, West Africa, and presently resides in Brooklyn.

Known for
– Her incredible (and large) paintings that have been exhibited at venues including Marymount Manhattan College and The Steuben Glass Gallery (New York). She has garnered the attention of art-lovers world-wide, and has an international collector base.

Male Runners (60in x 72in / 1m52 x 1m83)

– Modeling for many years in Paris, where she developed an interest in fabrics, textiles, patterns and the form of the human body, all of which are expressed in her art.

– Being an autodidact: Aissata has taught herself many skills and continually experiments with new techniques and materials. When she was unable to locate African-style dishes, she opted to paint a line of her own by hand. Her collections were discovered and produced by the Portuguese tableware house, Vista Alegre, to great success.

– Exercising daily: She brings the concepts of discipline, physical activity, strength and joy to inform her artistic practice. Running, cycling and practicing yoga and pilates are ways Aissata stays connected to her own body and the physicality of the figures she paints on her canvases.

I met Aissata last year through a friend. The first time I saw her art was in her apartment, where she had many of her earlier works and works in progress on display. I was shocked and impressed when she told me that she taught herself how to paint and actually saw her first painting. I couldn’t afford to buy it so I bought a tshirt that had the image on it ;).

Why Aissata rocks
Subscribe to Aissata on Facebook and find out for yourself! But I’ll share some of the reasons she rocks my world: I love her work ethic and creative output, her inspirational quotes and thoughts that she shares on Facebook on a daily basis (love the motivation!), her confidence and her insight into politics/social issues.

If you want a working artist’s influence in your life, do yourself a favor and follow Aissata. Even better — check out some of her work and if it moves you (it will), purchase a piece of Aissata’s art for your home, workplace or for a loved one.

"Husbands" by Aissata - Acrylic On Canvas ( 36in x 24 in/ 0.92m x 0.61m ) From the series “12 Love Stories”- 2010

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