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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-02-12

  • Make-A-Zine with Aaron Rose #
  • OK, stepping away from Internet to watch Whitney videos in peace. #RIPWhitney Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. #
  • +1 RT @moorehn I like the assumption on Twitter that MTV shd have crack investigative news team ready 2 tackle news on Sat nights #chillout #
  • Hm, @redux is missing window to capture best of Whitney video programming viewers. I wld watch now via TV since @MTV et all is late. #
  • .@NYCcyn ent. brands cld b more nimble if they had programming blocks prepped 4 atrisk celebs & gave master control more control. oh well :/ in reply to NYCcyn #
  • dinos dont move as fast RT @NYCcyn @dcap Thankful 4 Twitter,YouTube,all 4 curating clips. Want networks 2 pay onair tributein similarfashion #
  • message RT @laurenthedark I believe that in reality ppl care about celebs up 2 a certain point, or until reap profit from merch or site hits #
  • 2 late, ppl already sharing on YouTube. RT @NYCcyn C'mon, @MTV. Turn off Teen Mom and give us a Whitney Houston video marathon. @Vh1? @BET? #
  • Disturbed by thought of sites' metrics reports next month having a Whitney section. $ from death is a reality but still macabre #RIPWhitney #
  • That's disturbing RT @RuwaydaMustafah Ppl who are comparing Whitney's death to other people being killed in conflict regions are irritating. #
  • It's beautiful to see people from all walks of life around the world grieving in their own way. What a voice. #RIPWhitney #
  • :/ RT @mathewi RT @BRYAN_M_COX: In 1 month we lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston. All in black history month, unbelievable. #
  • mine too RT “@santagati: My timeline right now is a sea of sadness.” #
  • I thought all major news orgs prep obits for at-risk celebs to modify when needed. Prudent to update lists this year. Macabre but necessary. #
  • Going 2 take a wild leap & say that ppl not paying attention 2 Syria didn't stop paying attention 2day bcuz of Whitney's death. Grieving=ok. #
  • +1 RT @morningmoneyben: shut up @acarvin: death of MJ took media's attention off Iran in '09. Will Whitney Houston's death do same 4 Syria? #
  • +1 RT “@JasonHirschhorn: @gaberivera or just fans grieving and connecting. As big of a music and cultural icon as they come.” #
  • People can mourn however they choose. I'm more annoyed by the people talking shit about people morning. #RIPWhitney #
  • I know… :/ RT “@laurenthedark: Dude…Whitney?!” cc @corvida #
  • what? :/ RT “@News10_CA: Associated Press reporting that singer Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48.” #
  • .@lasophielle sure! please send guidelines and thoughts to daniela AT dcapmedia DOT com. TY! in reply to lasophielle #
  • .@lasophielle I'd love to learn more about the journal of occupied studies. Is there a link you can share? in reply to lasophielle #
  • Everyone is a consumer and a creator. Finding a balance & a way to further social justice goals w yr media is key. Alignment, collab #pttv30 #
  • .@thepointcdc in the South Bronx helps kids make radical media all the time. @am_nyc teaches kids 2 make radical media through art. #pttv30 #
  • Subversion/reinterpretation of popular culture is a cool way to introduce kids to radical media. ex: @thelampnyc #pttv30 #
  • I want, as part of media literacy education, kids 2 know what radical media is & how easy it is 2 make their own @ home, w friends. #pttv30 #
  • you don't need a college degree or lots of $ to make yr own radical media. u can change yr life & help others on yr own terms. (2/2) #pttv30 #
  • I want 2 cont. helping 2 make the concept of radical media accessible 2 everyone as a tool 4 change. it belongs 2 everyone. (1/2) #pttv30 #
  • We need both: people talking about radical media + people making it. Theory is cool, action is better. Radical media belongs to all #pttv30 #
  • Back pain = not introducing speakers at today's #pttv30 event. Glad I was ok last night. Watching @ajelive, laid out, recovery mode. #
  • I mentioned you during the panel last night too, video coming soon RT @hardlynormal: @dcap thanks so very much for the blog love (((hugs))) #

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