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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-29

  • .@jayrosen_nyu I despise Romney's politics but you are 100% correct. It's fair use. in reply to jayrosen_nyu #
  • <3 RT “@Peta_de_Aztlan: #OWS Liberation Movements have ups & downs highs & lows ins & outs go w the flow keep faith & keep swimming forward! #
  • #nowplaying "Play" (Beat Ventriloquists Remix) via @youtube cc @corvida <3 #
  • I gave up a long time ago trying to please everybody. Nobody wins. I'm 100% committed 2 being true 2 myself & supporting others on that path #
  • Hmmm … why is it that when a man explains a fact with confidence it's reassuring, but when a woman does she's being arrogant? #bullshit #
  • Thanks @sree, @wordwhacker, etc. for #smwknd event & tweet curation. Great convo. Can't be there in person but following closely 🙂 in reply to wordwhacker #
  • "Traditional" youth brands have been innovative online & w social for years. MTV, PBSKids, etc. We all (media) influence each other #smwknd #
  • +1 RT @ctanowitz MT Information isn't journalism. Journalism is about stories. Just b/c police give u raw data, doesn't give context #smwknd #
  • If u want to learn how to cover a live event from all angles, on all platforms, watch how @mtvnews cover VMAs. Methods translate #smwknd #
  • False. @mtvnews reported immediately. "@AmyVernon @Mashable editors saw Kanye incident on Twitter…rest of the media waited til AM" #SMWKND #
  • I agree RT @hardlynormal not sure I like @YouTube's new channel layouts. Seems ability 2 comment is hidden causing less interaction.just me? #
  • "You know, the nazis had pieces of flare they made the Jews wear." Yeah, "Office Space" is still awkward & hilarious. So is all the old tech #
  • +1 RT “@TIGGACALORE: the power of manifestation, dont ya love it” #
  • Not only 1 using "caves" RT @LanceWeiler Twitter caves 2 global censorship, will block content on countryspecific basis #
  • Woah RT @LanceWeiler: ACTA More Dangerous Than SOPA creates new enforcement system & ties hands of Congress to undo it #
  • .@wdcinla Yes but that's a different kind of materiality/experience. U can't replicate a printed zine on a tablet. Two different experiences in reply to wdcinla #
  • Thoughts on best practices for journos addressing criticism via social media? Recent ex: @timheidecker vs. @juliewmiller #smwknd #
  • SMH RT “@NorthstarPics: The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind-the-Scenes Employment of Women on the Top 250 Films of 2011” #
  • How does social play into this outcome? RT “@villagevoice: Journalists From Rupert Murdoch's The Sun Arrested” #smwknd #
  • Thanks! RT “@esills: Google+ community page for media is #smwknd #smwkndg #wjchat #journchat” #
  • Hm! RT @mathewi: Twitter is rolling out an analytics product for media organizations soon, says @EricaAmerica #smwknd #latism” #
  • Even though news orgs are losing $ on print, materiality as a medium for info sharing is still influential with many ppl. #
  • Was thinking about the power of materiality in general. Ex: I'll never read about bike culture online but I read zines about it. #
  • What if Basquiat had been on Twitter? Would he have tweeted Warhol an intro instead of giving him a handmade postcard? Power of materiality. #
  • +1 RT @bethkanter Instagram for museums: MuseumNext – Europe's big conference on social media/digital media 4 museums #
  • RT “@aliciasanchez: Antioch College OH is waiving the tuition for all its students who enroll in the next three years:” #
  • .@adriarichards Watching some of your YouTube videos. I LOVE your commentary on startups/diversity. in reply to adriarichards #
  • All tech journos should follow RT “@blackfounders: Black Founders Ring in the Year With Hack Day on @blackenterprise” #
  • RT @NYT_JenPreston Who is a real journalist? Why does @nypd decide who gets credentials? @megrobertson suggests nymedia stop using #smwknd #
  • Chez Oskar. I crave french toast and the space is lovely, but do I risk aggravating my still-healing bruise? #shitisay #shitnilescranesays #
  • THIS RT “@jessxnyc: LGBT Kids Glitterbomb Gay Prom with Lady Gaga Themed "It Gets Better" Video:” #
  • no prob RT “@jasonarican: @dcap Thanks for the RT during the SOTU! Republican salty faces was my favorite part of the whole thing #latepass € #
  • +1“@Toure @georgebowmer Jan Brewer is being overtly racist when she says Obama threatened her. It's not my cynical motives—it's about realty #

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