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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-27

  • 🙂 RT “@latinorebels: Ron Paul this isn't 1962. Cold War over. Cuba won't invade us. Let it go. There isn't a jhihadist under bed #CNNDebate #
  • +1 RT “@jayrosen_nyu: More debates, by all means. They lessen influence of ads, polls, pundits & horse race coverage. That is a good thing. #
  • +1 RT “@emilybell: That wife segment was enough to provoke a feminist revolution.” #CNNDebate #
  • LOL RT @moorehn: Paul brags his wife wrote a cookbook…. I want one to say his wife edits Guns & Ammo.” #CNNDebate #
  • LOL RT “@EvilSlutClique: Santorum: "Kids are not born good." That's okay, Newt's child janitor program will straighten them out. #cnndebate € #
  • Lulz RT “@shaherose: <3 => Shit San Franciscans Say: "North Beach is just so hard to get to" lol” #
  • My response to 'On Twitter, censorship and Internet freedom' + read the post I'm responding to #STOPTWITTERCENSORSHIP #
  • @ProducerMatthew is right: "Twitter just SOPA'd the Internet." (via fb) #STOPTWITTERCENSORSHIP #
  • Judging from Chilling Effects, seems like @Twitter caved 2 movie copyright complaints, justifying censorship in other countries. B.S. #
  • Think about why, from an activist perspective, it's dangerous 4 Twitter 2 block tweets btwn users in other countries #STOPTWITTERCENSORSHIP #
  • It isn't about respecting another country's freedom of expression. It's about agreeing to block @twitter content from users in that country. #
  • RT If you oppose @Twitter agreeing to censor certain tweets from appearing in some countries #STOPTWITTERCENSORSHIP #
  • Caved. #fail RT @ProducerMatthew Twitter has agreed to censor certain tweets from appearing in some countries #
  • Great resource for teachers, parents, filmmakers RT @gtoppo Henry Jenkins on #transmedia #
  • If you write about tech or the economy you are simply making yourself look uninformed and sloppy when you ignore the contributions from poc. #
  • ..i tweet about dumb/fun shit but sometimes i get fed up with how some oblivious journalists frame the world, using a "not my beat" excuse. #
  • I try to be mindful of my privilege as a fair-skinned Latina. Having privilege doesn't make you a "bad" person but ignoring it is dangerous. #
  • I'll be that loudmouth "what is she anyway" producer/journo/media chick calling out shoddy reporting tied 2 built-in racist assumptions #wut #
  • And if you're questioning right now why I'm making "a big deal" about this list, question your privilege that you think I'm overreacting. #
  • If you're a journo set on "documenting the emerging economy," look at last year's census and think about how dumb it is to ignore POC. #
  • RT @goodglobalcitiz Hand held high! @dcap Raise hand= sick of tech/social media power lists incl. 1 asian person & counting that as diverse #
  • And yes I will go off on journalists who make lists without doing due diligence. Metrics don't lie. There are PLENTY of poc influencers. #
  • People like @haydn1701 & his "Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers?" show how many white journalists R ignorant 2 POC influence on the web. #
  • Raise your hand if you're sick of these tech/social media power lists including one asian person & counting that as diverse. #
  • OH. Well then :/ #fail "At a certain point you can’t rely only the data – I did make choices but highly informed by PeekYou." – @haydn1701 #
  • PeekYou data is wrong and so is @haydn1701. Also, why wldn't the writer notice absence of #poc Doesn't add up. #fail #
  • Why would using PeekYou culminate in a list of #socialmedia power influencers that doesn't include POC? #poc #fail #
  • .@haydn1701 There are issues w PeekYou and/or yr research. Why is your list almost exclusively white? #poc #fail #
  • Makes no sense that this list doesn't incl POC :/ Who Are The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers? – Forbes (1/2) #
  • Heroic former intern Daniel Hernandez reflects on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ decision to step down: /via @CountdownKO #
  • WTF RT“@CNNMoney: Number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits rises 21,000 to 377,000 in the latest week, government says.” #
  • Yikes RT “@kthalps: This tweet is scary. And the @IDFSpokesperson account isn't a parody:” #

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