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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-24

  • lmao bless you RT “@Self_deporter: @dcap Thanks. Are you a fellow self-deporter? Not sure how many more of us are out there?” #
  • hope u enjoyed my #FLdebate curation fun RT “@davidhoang: @dcap Oh man, our future generation LOL.” #
  • Best thing to come out of #FLdebate @Self_deporter lives #
  • lmao RT “@rbockmann: @MittRomney take some of that Cayman Islands money and hire a speech coach. Your stammering is killing me. #FLDebate € #
  • We regulate alcohol & taxes from that help the economy. Only reason we don't do that w weed=2 many politicians/co's make $ while its illegal #
  • Reagan and Nixon used their war on drugs each time to control ppl/ enforce mass arrests of protesters under guise of combatting drug war. BS #
  • I agree. Legalize & regulate, reduce trafficking & crime RT “@MatteoLaCognata @dcap i'd say the same goes for prostitution -speaking n italy #
  • PSA: The war on drugs, namely pot, is a joke. Keeping it illegal=many ppl employed/pockets lined. A weed tax wld reduce crime & help economy #
  • .@kdando @calinative @corvida thanks, guys! in reply to kdando #
  • hilarious RT “@KinoLorber: Friday's Portlandia took on our beloved CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI:” #
  • whoop!! RT “@Colorlines: 'Mosquita y Mari' World Premiere at Sundance a 'Smashing Sucess'” #
  • I'm biased but @corvida's a great speaker “@annfriedman RT @smwnyc we're still on the hunt for awesome women to add to our roster.” #
  • Love to all the community managers out there. Thanks for everything you do! #cmgr #CMAD” #
  • LOL RT @gavinpurcell Why certain ppl's smiles look like they're just biting & opening their mouth really wide? Did some1 teach em that move? #
  • Today, last year, I was at the Elite Squad 2 screening @ Sundance. Today I'm going 2 dr.'s office 4 icy stairs-related injury. C'est la vie! #

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