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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-17

  • So here's the thing about promoting your Etsy wares on Twitter: Spamming anyone who mentions Pinterest is not a good idea. No one likes that #
  • .@quirkyknitgirl i mean, who didn't curate an obsessively-focused LJ account? i mean besides people born after 1985? in reply to quirkyknitgirl #
  • OMG. LiveJournal #feelingold #reachingformysip RT @ShaunaReporter @dcap what's LJ? Lol #
  • I know there's an epic Star Wars-inspired dying SOPA and PIPA GIF happening somewhere but the question is #whereitatyo #
  • I giggle with delight when I think about journalism/communication majors taking curation 101-type courses. Us grannies learned that on LJ. #
  • LOL but ppl still needed 2 make that which is curated 😉 RT @fimoculous "I <3 curation on yr Pinterest" =new "I <3 the writing on your blog" #
  • how I felt when my hairdresser revealed the same thing RT @omacadams I think it's some sort of milestone when the pilot is younger than you. #
  • Wow. RT @dennisjromero 'Occupy,' 'Occupy LA' Trademark Applications Filed by SoCal Entrepreneurs #
  • smh RT “@SusanArendt: Guy pitched me an article that would include, I shit you not interviews with 'two genuine female gamers.'” #
  • Unless you're discussing MLK at your brunch, it's not a MLK brunch. You have a day off and you're eating, it's ok. #
  • <3 her RT @theurbandaily: Meryl Streep Shows Love 4 "PARIAH" In Acceptance Speech [VIDEO] #goldenglobes @NorthstarPics #

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