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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-08

  • Ok enough #nhdebate grossness. Time to purge my soul with Wall-E #
  • Smh at @MTV not mentioning anything about #NHDebate so far. Would it kill you to remind the youth? And no live tweeting from @mtvnews? #
  • #nhdebate Ron Paul is the least crazy GOP candidate but is still racist and ok with poor people dying with no health insurance so… #
  • #nhdebate Mitt Romney's long ramble on gay marriage just means if you're gay, and vote for him, you fail at life. #
  • Mitt Romney would overturn roe v wade if he could. So, if you vote for him and you know me, stop knowing me right now. #
  • LOVE: #happybirthdayzora So many great personal stories on how this seminal author/activist changed lives #
  • … And for those not clear on the obvious factors of how POC are oppressed, google it. But too often we crucify our own ppl to make a point #
  • Aside from obvious factors, people of color continue to be oppressed because too often we fixate on hurting each other. How movements derail #
  • .@drgoddess I wasn't implying you don't do that already 🙂 Take care in reply to drgoddess #
  • .@drgoddess @toure I admire u both. Wish ud collab 2 replace what yr hashing publicly w st that has a positive impact on poc youth. Goodluck #
  • +1 RT @NoamChomski Entertaining commercials are effectively stealing human culture and creativity & injecting it into brands and products #
  • THIS RT “@kellyoxford: Overheard a hipster say his infant son's name was "Yoshi" so I lit his beard on fire.” #
  • … I would enjoy seeing @Toure and @drgoddess engage in a respectful honest convo about race/identity on @PBS, @current or @cnnbrk. #
  • This public smear campaign between @drgoddess and @Toure may be enlightening but it's still embarrassing and sad. #
  • Me too! RT @writegrrrl: Somethings never change: I struggle getting up early during the week and look forward to it on the weekends #
  • until launches. Good idea. #
  • "noooo time for looooooosers, cuz we are the champioooooons, of the wooooorld" #goodmorning #

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