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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-06

  • .@ainaabiodun hi artist formerly known as @filmfuturist! can't wait to see you after 1/8, let's hang out. happy new year chica #
  • you rock! RT @goodglobalcitiz Amazing school visit. 40+ 10yr old girls asking re: editing, filmmaking, script dev, & tech toys. Pics 2 come! #
  • @Jewyorican Excellento! 😉 We can turn our hangout after Jan 8 into 1/2 hangout, 1/2 me mining your brain. I'll holler in reply to Jewyorican #
  • .@Jewyorican Hey can I interview you for It's my little pet project and I want to start including rad Q&As. #
  • .@elbloombito beforo you worko for @foursquare, por favor get some trabajoing laptops and el Interneto inside all nyc escuelas, gracias. #
  • .@pbsmediashift i always tell young ppl 2 go 2 school/finish their degree but i know that 4 some a DIY/entrepreneur path = most advantageous #
  • .@pbsmediashift For example, learning to code can transform your life/put you in another income bracket. U don't need a degree to do that. #
  • .@pbsmediashift The cost of a private university is out of reach for many. DIY/edupunk tactics are crucial to sustaining the economy. #
  • .@pbsmediashift Students need to be proactive/create their own opportunities becuz a degree guarantees nothing. You make yr own life. (2/2) #
  • .@pbsmediashift Also, economy aside, many college grads have no idea how to network or get a job. Their schools have failed them. (1/2) #
  • .@PBSMediaShift My real problem is with the notion that education ends with a piece of paper. That limits you professionally and creatively. #
  • .@PBSMediaShift Granted, I wouldn't want someone operating on me who didn't go 2 med school. But many industry titans never finished college #
  • In many cases, yes. RT @PBSMediaShift PBS …are self-directed accomplishments as valuable as college degrees? #
  • Nice to be back for a while (@ Current TV) #
  • THIS RT “@ScratchSays: 400 Years of Diary Excerpts written by people who’ve lived in New York City via @nprfreshair” #
  • hm! RT “@PointFoundation: Harvard Considering LGBT Option in Admissions Applications –” #
  • @MonsieurCS @hnics85 BOOM. The opera will never be the same — for the ppl next to us who hear me sing along in my "opera voice" in reply to MonsieurCS #
  • .@laurenthedark ok lady, let's do this. i'll reschedule a tour in reply to laurenthedark #
  • .@Hnics85 Cool, let's make it happen when I'm back in town after 1/8. I'll email you some options 😀 #operatime in reply to Hnics85 #
  • I've been working in Cali. Let's go after 1/8 RT “@laurenthedark: @dcap Did you ever make it out to the Bronx incubator?” #
  • let's go RT “@Hnics85: I want to go to the opera. Who wants to go?” #
  • No disrespect to those that do, but I will never put a company icon on my personal Twitter avatar. My identity is not for sale. #
  • THIS <3: New Bronx charter school will use technology to  expose kids to  international cultures in the classroom #
  • done! 😉 RT “@ShaunaReporter: @dcap i'll give you a dollar if you follow me back. LOL! ^_^ jk, but I would be honored if you did!” #
  • wow. steals & no apology. classy RT “@chescaleigh: thx for all support. @perezhilton removed vid instead of linking original/crediting me” #
  • smh RT “@chescaleigh: hey guys! I need yr help! @perezhilton STOLE my vid "Shit white girls say…2 black girls" & uploaded it to his site!” #
  • whew! 😉 see ya tomorrow <3 RT “@quirkyknitgirl: @dcap As long as it didn't talk back, you're still sane. ;)” #
  • There's a little goldfish in my hotel room and I spent a good 20 min today talking to it. #
  • 100% agree RT “@AkinahR: Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.” #

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