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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • Oh snap RT @Techmeme: Go Daddy lost 21,054 domains yesterday in wake of SOPA PR disaster #
  • Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments #
  • Interesting read: Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World #
  • RT @brainpicker: Occupy Scales of Wealth – income distribution in America, visualized as a walking tour of Manhattan #
  • So wrong lmao RT “@Jesus_M_Christ: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" was something I thought up while I was 69ing.” #
  • praying on twitter smh LOL 😉 RT “@jayhovawitness: .@Jesus_M_Christ Really need you to help Sanchez and company.” #
  • Happy to be in SF but why is it colder here than in NYC? That's just unholy. #
  • You too! <3 RT “@robfields: @dcap Safe travels and happy holidays.” #
  • making "spanish" ;P rice and packing for cali. #
  • LOL :/ 🙂 RT “@thesulk: Already preparing my "I'm ok just watching others kiss at midnight" face.” #
  • ooOO! RT @corvida Vidify – Quick, Easy Video Editing Now Available For The iPhone #
  • Great case study, TY 4 sharing RT @KateGardiner The Atlantic: How 1 Magazine Became Profitable by Going 'Digital First' #
  • .@queenkv the more i think about it, the more i think that @path would be a great community tool for hyper-local news orgs. #
  • Sign the petition to VETO #SOPA and any other future bills that threaten to diminish the free flow of information #
  • #nowplaying Frou Frou – Let Go #
  • I will never be a fan of homepages that automatically blast loud music & are tough to mute. That was cool back in geocities, guys. #
  • the precious RT @laurenthedark Oh goodie, the sun! Maybe I can now stop stuffing myself with Vitamin D caplets in order to function. #
  • No prob 🙂 RT “@MC_Swartzalot: @dcap I already make more money than i need, most of it goes to charity. But, yes- very good idea! Thanks!” #
  • .@SaraJBenincasa @mc_swartzalot volunteering at orgs/events where your future peers are also helps u to make connections & do a good deed in reply to SaraJBenincasa #
  • uhhhhh-mazing. if you like the pages with the pretty words on them, looky: #
  • Favorite form of woo? RT @SaraJBenincasa NyQuil drunkhigh progressing nicely. Who has questions? Need advice? Ask away! #
  • @queenkv But 4 me (always on FB and G+) there aren't any significant unique/useful features on @Path. I meet more new ppl on Instagram (2/2) in reply to queenkv #
  • @queenkv It's a great way to share your life if you're not already using FB/don't like FB or have many friends who aren't on FB or G+. (1/2) in reply to queenkv #
  • @queenkv I signed up for @Path but stopped using it. It has a gorgeous UI but I'm covered w Instagram, FB mobile, Foursquare, Oink, etc. in reply to queenkv #
  • lawlz RT @robfields @dcap Oh, you mean besides not doing it. . .? Let me think about that #
  • TY! RT @syntheticzero @dcap Hands down best receipts/expense reporting srvs: expensify. Incl mobile app. You just take pictures of receipts #
  • Scanning receipts. Hatez it. Who has found the least painful way to accomplish this task? Please share your pearls. #
  • +1 RT @drwave: combination of a Canon 5D MkII, Canon 50mmf1.2 lens, & the Zacuto Z-finder is a potent 1. So glad 2 b able 2 get better w/it #
  • @PaulCantor I don't think anything works at the supermarket. Except maybe being stoic near the organics. in reply to PaulCantor #
  • Probably not at the supermarket RT “@PaulCantor: @dcap should I be more vulnerable? Does that work?” #
  • @PaulCantor u probably can't tell but I'm joking too. those subtle nuances don't translate as well as all caps brain farts in reply to PaulCantor #
  • @nmillions ha! in reply to nmillions #
  • @PaulCantor You're being unusually vulnerable tonight. is what i thought in between checking ur tweets and Futurama. It suits tonight's vibe in reply to PaulCantor #
  • Some1 needs 2 make n app that helps u find local peeps 2 watch Futurama with after midnight. But only dudes n pedobears wld join. #andme .. #
  • Apply to Reel Aging: Real Change #transmedia #
  • Midtown nacho quest has taken a dark turn (@ Tick Tock Diner w/ @dmobley) #
  • 4 more days until Cali and completely ignoring the Internet for a few days. Not counting down or anything. #
  • #nowplaying Never Can Say Goodbye Why do I suddenly have porn sites following me? Have I been saying sexy things? #
  • #nowplaying Beep me 911 – Missy Elliott #throwbacksunday <3 #
  • Np! Link 2 share tips via G+ post was broken so found u here 🙂 They're a great org, DM if u need more info RT @hunterwalk thx for the info #
  • .@hunterwalk produces free online global travel series 4 classrooms. Great edu resource. Next flash mob beneficiary? 🙂 #
  • Hi @hunterwalk! Great @YouTube Flash Mob recap. I hope you'll check out @goodglobalcitiz & consider leading a fundraising drive for them too #

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