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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-12-08

  • .@cshirky Hi! Why haven't you opted into Subscribe on Facebook? Shouldn't tech authorities be early adopters? I'd like to subscribe to you. #
  • Being famous 4 doing/making something stupid is not new. I'm curious re: how a new artistic renaissance will go down w/ the bar dropping #
  • Things come full circle and there are limits to the amount of garbage ppl will consume. Co's need 2 be mindful of how much crap they produce #
  • …the best companies balance their million+ views online crap with quality and still profit. it happens. you can do it. (2/2) #
  • … all that millions of views 4 crappy content = what we already know from stupid tv shows: many people r easily-manipulated sheeple (1/2) #
  • Just because something has millions of views, doesn't make it quality content or artistically relevant. #
  • .@elbloombito Muy malo decisiones to attempto blocko release of emails en medio de usted y Cathie Black! #
  • FaceTime sex, sex work and phone sex practices. How are they connected? Tell me now, please. #
  • .@joseiswriting TY 4 everything yr doing re: #immigration I intv'd some young @Trail2010 #DREAMAct activists last year #
  • Ah! Bingo! RT @JennGrauer @dcap I think we are both following one of Sree's Social Media lists…were you at his One Night Stand workshop? #
  • Video: Homeless family occupies foreclosed homes in Brooklyn #ows #
  • .@JennGrauer Thanks for following! How did you find me? #
  • [great for staff/talent branding efforts] Facebook To Launch A Subscribe Button For Websites via @techcrunch #
  • "There's beauty in the breakdown" #
  • Before I knew the definition of "kingpin," I had a dream that explained it to me about a Colombian drug lord + territory battle. I was five. #
  • [^_^] Comedian @PattonOswalt calls out @RickSantorum, @MicheleBachmann for hysterical homophobia #LGBT via @CountdownKO #

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