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Hi, I'm Daniela. Welcome to my personal lair on the Internet. This is where I write about storytelling, activism, technology and pop culture. Sometimes I post videos. I update my lair when the mood strikes me. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates (@dcap).

@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-11-16

  • A pic of a few bins in storage doesn't = 5k+ #ows books that NYPD destroyed & threw out. Educators and book lovers have a right 2 be pissed! #
  • #nowplaying Tracy + The Plastics – City #gutsyvhscontinued #
  • I'm feeling gutsy VHS today. #nowplaying Julie Ruin – Aerobicide #
  • Trying to start a #bookburningmayor meme ova heeeya. Check it out, remix, spread widely: #ows #
  • How does this sound: @mikebloomberg: the book-burning mayor. Sounds like a t-shirt and meme to me. #ows #
  • Now would be the time, @unclerush and other wealthy #ows supporters, to open your wallets & fund a physical space for #ows protesters. #
  • Lol “@rickmarshall: @dcap same about my cats & a few slices of turkey. I swear they've tried to trip me in order to get at the sandwich.” #
  • I'm pretty sure my cat would sell me into slavery for one chicken nugget. #

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