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On My Radar: Young Girls Kicking Ass

When I was a little girl I secretly wanted these things:
1. to be in a band
2. to do competitive figure skating
3. to direct an episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

I spent most of my time daydreaming about those scenarios while jumping up and down on a tiny trampoline in my bedroom and listening to my mixtapes. “One day… I’m gonna… It’s going to happen… I see myself…”

I didn’t turn out to be a rock star, figure skating orator with Superman cred, but I’m quite pleased with the life I’ve carved out for myself. And it pleases me even more to know there are little girls out there living their dreams RIGHT NOW, eff waiting until you’re older. Git it, little ladies.

Starr Andrews: Figure Skater (9)

P-Star: Artist/Actress/Activist (15)

TEDxTeen 2010 – P-Star from We Are Family Foundation on Vimeo.

Elise Tan Roberts: Youngest MENSA Member/Baby Genius with IQ of 156 (3)

Own your power, ladies. A new book on female economic power, Influence, points out, American women are responsible for 83 percent of all consumer purchases; they hold 89 percent of U.S. bank accounts, 51 percent of all personal wealth, and are worth more than $5 trillion in consumer spending power—larger than the entire Japanese economy.

On a global level, women are the biggest emerging market in the history of the planet—more than twice the size of India and China combined. It’s a seismic change, and by all indications it will continue: of the 15 job categories expected to grow the most in the next decade, all but two are filled primarily by women. – Newsweek

Gents, cherish and respect the women in your life, especially the little ones. We’ll all benefit in the long run.

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