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On My Radar: Portland Zine Symposium

I realize that it’s been over a month since my last post on The Lair. Sorry! I am always blogging (among other things) for my current gig and actively tweeting/sharing news through other feeds, so admittedly I often neglect this space. It happens.

I am going to be doing a lot between now and the end of the year, but one of the more exciting things for me is representing the POC Zine Project at the Portland Zine Symposium. I’ll be in Portland from August 26 – 31, collaborating with new friends and having lots of fun.

Portland Zine Symposium

When I founded the POC Zine Project earlier this year, I had so many goals that I thought I would have achieved by now. Rather than beating myself up for not meeting them all yet, I am going to enjoy the journey and be happy that a lot of people support the idea and trust that eventually things will come together. In the middle of work, school and my other forms of activism, I can only do so much. Sponsoring folks to attend the event in Portland, tabling, and forming a Facebook community for POCZP is the most I’ve been able to accomplish this year.

I also recently collaborated with For The Birds Collective for an event at Book Thug Nation, where POC Zine Project (Winston and I) gave away free zines and snacks.

Book Thug Nation

You can see more photos from the event on the POC Zine Project Facebook page.

I will have more opportunities to promote POCZP when I am in California from August 1 – 26. I’ll be all over the state, visiting friends and following up with colleagues. The end of 2010 is all about travel; I’ll be in Paris working on a super secret (for now) project for a month and then going to Mexico City at the end of December. I feel grateful for these opportunities and will spread the love/empower others while I’m pursuing my own dreams.

I’ll end this post with a weird video I made the other day:



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