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The Lair In February 2010: Student Senate Geekdom, Webgrrls, IFP & Ebony Bones

I have created a new category on The Lair called “Calendar.” Sometimes I don’t have time to write anything of (perceived) substance but I would still like my readers to have something to chew on. Here we go, the inaugural post!

New School Student Senate Allcampus Party/Forum (TONIGHT)

WHAT: NSU students can hear from the Provost and USS officers about the new Student Building, make suggestions on USS events, air complaints/props, and more. There will also be a “party” with free pizza and drinks, live music and free USS water bottles.
WHEN: 2.8.10
WHERE: Theresa Lang Student Center, 55 W13 St.
WHY: I am a student senator representing NSGS and I promised I would help out at this event.
DEETS: I tweeted about this event on the NSUSS Twitter account, posted the event on our Facebook group and linked to it on The New School’s Fan Page.

Now that I’ve established that I’m a student government geek, let’s see what else I have going on … Oh, yes:

NYC Webgrrls 2.10.10

WHAT: After a brief topical discussion, everyone takes a minute or two to introduce themselves. The evening ends with informal networking, where everyone can connect more personally with the right people and exchange business cards, opportunities and leads.
WHEN: 2.10.10
WHERE: AXA Advisors, 1633 Broadway, 2nd floor
WHY: I am interested in learning more about Webgrrrls because my colleague Stephanie Cockerl is a member.
DEETS: Webgrrls International is an online and offline networking organization of professional business women focused on propelling their careers and businesses forward.

I may geek out on a regular basis but I definitely like, you know, music and stuff. Hangin’ and junk.

New York Spirit Awards Screening: ‘A Single Man’ 2.14.10

WHAT: The New York Spirit Awards hosts free screenings of all nominated films for IFP and Film Independent members.
WHEN: 2.14.10
WHERE: Tribeca Screening Room
WHY: I am an IFP member and I like free movies! I’m also interested in checking out Tom Ford’s directorial debut.
DEETS: Screenings are for Film Independent and IFP members only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Good times so far … but the highlight of this month for me, without a doubt, is seeing Ebony Bones perform:

Ebony Bones THE W.A.R.R.I.O.R TOUR 2.13.10

WHAT: This musical mystique is finally releasing her debut album, ‘Bone of My Bones,’ in the states. After playing every major festival in the world over the last 12 months, Miss Bones is doing a show at Southpaw in Brooklyn, one of my favorite venues.
WHEN: 2.13.10
WHERE: Southpaw, Brooklyn
WHY: I am a big Ebony Bones fan and covered her quite a few times for MTV News.
DEETS: I shot Ebony Bones at the last McCarren Park Pool Party. It was bittersweet because that closed venue is, alas, nothing but a distance memory.

Some other tidbits to look forward to this month are co-working sessions and a visit to the intriguing group exhibition about gentrification in Brooklyn.

Besides these things, my teaching gig, classes at the New School and freelance work, I will probably take a lot of naps. I am also going to try to cram in some yoga sessions because my body feels gross.

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