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Published On — Thanks To My Mobile Phone

Today I discovered that one of my photos was included in the New York Times feature, “Documenting The Decade.”

My Photo In "Documenting The Decade"

I took this pic of a small wheatepasted poster with my Blackberry Storm. I was walking through Williamsburg in 2008, having a conversation with a friend about the recession and gentrification. I laughed when I saw the sign because it seemed to sum up a lot of angst that was being expressed by young people who were forced to leave Brooklyn for financial reasons. This topic – hipsters moving back home – was explored in a recent New York Times article as well. I suspect that this is why they included my submission.

This is my second mobile photo that the New York Times has used. The first time was for a post about Twitter in the City Room Blog.

I am pretty geeked about the whole thing! 😉

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