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Flu + Cabin Fever = Releasing My Cooking Secrets

I don’t think about my health until something goes wrong. It’s one of those blessings I tend to take for granted.

Luckily, I have loved ones who forced me to go to the hospital despite my phobia, made sure I saw another doctor when the first hospital I visited was a death trap, and brought me soups.

When provisions ran out, I improvised the above recipe with things I found in my kitchen.

A silver lining to these unpleasant last few days is that I discovered poladroid and their flickr group, which has made me smile through the pain and experience my old photos in new ways.

I also have a new respect for Yelp. I was already taking it into consideration when searching for new restaurants, but now I think I will give it a glance for anything having to do with my well being. I am sure if I had read those hospital reviews in advance I would NOT have gone where I originally did. Sometimes crowd power is handier than I realize!

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