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Look Out, YouTube: Here Comes Facebook

Chris Putnam, software engineer at Facebook who runs the video team, talks about its new HD video feature.

Lowering HD cameras prices coupled with overall markdowns to lure shoppers means there is going to be a significant change in what constitutes a quality video viewing experience online, in a shorter time than you think. I’m talking months.

I’ll even make a prediction: By the end of 2009, HD will be the standard video quality for over 90% of all video content uploaded, not counting mobile uploads.

I remember when I had no problem watching an incredibly pixelated, frame jittery clip online because I was just happy my computer could support it. Those days are are long over and very soon people will expect HD as the standard for even amateur video content.

YouTube now supports HD and Vimeo was doing it long before. Vimeo is a noteworthy destination for many artists to showcase their reels, which makes sense. Why would you work really hard on a project and send video links to potential employers that show a degraded version of your work?

The next step, of course, is for HD mobile video uploading capabilities. Multiplatform producers like me will be able to get interviews with their phones in tight spots that will actually be clear and enhance existing reportage at the same data rate.

Side note: I love Fast Company (the magazine) and I hope their video content continues to grow in this direction. Perhaps make all content available on mobile devices asap?

If I had an iphone, and not the piece of crap I own now, I would definitely watch Fast Company TV on it.

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