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Goodbye (but not forever) to MTV News Lady Megan Warner

I am going to miss a lot of people who were forced to leave MTV, especially my pal Megan.

Aside from being a kick ass digital producer, she was (still is) a friend who always had my back. She is intelligent, reliable, dedicated and a creative person who brought a lot of positive energy to each work day. She’s also a great writer and would be fantastic for any on air or online correspondent position.

But enough trying to sell my friend (although seriously, you’re lucky if you get her), here are some photo memories…

One time at work, Megan and I mysteriously formed the same bruise, while sitting in entirely different areas. We may now be connected by some form of stigmata.

Megan talked me into joining my first ever work related physical activity – kickball. Anyone who knows me understands this was a miracle. But that is what Megan is, a miracle worker who brings people together. Here she is, wearing our team shirt and smiling in the rain like a dork under an umbrella in Chinatown.

I am not a work party person but Megan would always inspire me and others to go to shindigs. When she gets drunk she is not a douche and still manages to be coherent and considerate.

Once we were part of this pilot show that never aired as extras – dancers at that!

I am going to miss following Megan and Rich to Starbucks in the afternoons. I would creepily take a picture of them everyday on my cell and was going to create a collage of photos over a year long period. They didn’t mind.

Andrew and Megan as famous people at the 45th Street Starbucks

Sometimes we would end up on the same train ride home together after work. There was this time when the platform stank like unholy human stains and Megan almost threw up. It was awesome. Besides enjoying having her around at work, Megan is in a band with me. It’s good times. At least no one can change that.

Thanks for the memories, Megatron. You are not a line item on some budget and I am glad you know that.

See ya at band practice after the holidays.


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